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Crossing Boundaries

Imagine writing down a list of all the things you want to do in your life, but are afraid to, or you just keep making excuses as to why you can't. Then imagine trying them all anyway, one by one, on a weekly basis. Well, that's basically this podcast. Hi, I'm Nicole Raimo and I am sick of giving into that voice in the back of my head that tells me I can't do things; Join me on my quest to find and break through all of my comfort zones.


EP#51 - First Tattoo

This week, I did the damn thing and got my very first tattoo!


EP#50 - Giant Jenga

Anyone love a good DIY? This week, I made my very own Giant Jenga Set, because why not!


EP#49 - John Mulaney

This week, I saw one of my absolute favorite comedians in my very first comedy show! it was super fun and spontaneous...maybe even too spontaneous.


EP#48 - Tax Season

I’ve never done my taxes before and also know nothing about how to do them, so I figured this week it was time to learn. It did not go smoothly.

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EP#47 - Photoshoot

Sometimes you don’t know what to challenge yourself with...and then you find yourself spontaneously volunteering yourself for a photoshoot!

 Spoiler: it was uncomfortable and weird, while also being fun and exciting.

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EP#45 - Burn Your Bras

Kidding, kidding. Wear bras, or don’t wear bras, but make that your choice and no one else’s.

This week, I went braless to try and get more comfortable in my own skin.


EP#44 - Harry Potter

This week I finished off the Harry Potter series which I’ve been reading for the very first time! Have a listen if you want to see my slow ride to becoming a "Potterhead"… as I talk about getting invested in the wizarding world at Hogwarts! 


EP#43 - Stick Shift Driving

This week I pretended I was in a Need For Speed movie and started to learn how to drive stick shift!


EP#42 - Letter Writing

This week I wrote 7 letters to people I love—all (but two) to be sent out to their various recipients with my new ~very official~ stamped wax seal! Those last two however...those will never see the light of day, because they were for my own catharsis. Have yourself a listen to understand what I mean :)


EP#41 - Movie Binge

I’ve been missing out on some real gems in the film category for some time. This week I sought to fill them with a movie every day of the week! Join me as I discover the glory of movies like Star WarsAmerican Psycho, and Erin Brockovich.

 Note: I said in the episode that there were no spoilers, but I’m realizing after I’ve recorded that perhaps there are, so consider this your warning! I don’t start talking about the movies themselves until about halfway through, though :)


EP#39 - Social Media Break

Social media and technology in general can be a force for good, but when it’s taking more from you then it’s giving you, it’s time for a break. And some reevaluation. That’s what I needed this week, so that’s what I did—and it went surprisingly well! Cheers to lessons in self control.


EP#38 - Playing Catch Up

Do you ever have loads of non-pressing (but still important) tasks to do, and no time to do them? Because I feel like that all the time. It was time to do something about it, and to think about why it happened in the first place so I can keep it from happening so often in the future.


EP#37 - Tidying Up

“Keep things because you love them, not ‘just because’” -Marie Kondo

 Getting Inspiration from the hit book and Netflix TV Series “Tidying Up,” this week I used the KonMari method to declutter, organize and hone in on my sense of what sparks joy for me.


EP#36 - French

Le défi de cette semaine était d’apprendre le français!

 I spoke about wanting to learn new languages previously, so here I am doin’ the damn thing! To those of you wanting to do the same thing, but telling yourselves “I’ll do it later,” I’ve been there. However, life’s too short to not be doing all the things we want to do! There’s no time like the present. Or better yet, there’s no time other than the present.

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EP#35 - Float Room

Have you ever heard of floating? It’s also known as R.E.S.T. or Restricted Environmental Stimuli Technique (Therapy) which basically means that you ~float~ in a light and sound proof room filled with a bit of water to minimize your stimuli.

 It’s 100% the coolest and most unique thing I’ve ever done.


EP#34 - Cloud Mural

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is get creative with my bedroom walls, and now I’ve finally done it! In this episode, I explore what drove me to this and the effect it had on me.


EP#33 - Atlantic City

This week I went to Atlantic City for the first time! Have you ever been to AC? What was your experience like? Mine was not at all what I expected.


EP#32 - New Challenges

I’ve been running low on challenges for a little while, and not feeling too excited about the one’s I have left. So, this week, I decided to rethink my list and explore what makes me uncomfortable and/or excited again. I surprised myself with some of the new challenges I came up with!

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EP#31 - Pole Dancing

This week I tried pole dancing, and i had a lot of feelings about it! Come take a listen.

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EP #30 - Juggling

I’ve wanted to learn to juggle for a while, I’ve even attempted once before, but this week I was determined to figure it out. Sadly, after hours of practicing, I still couldn’t get it. However, I’m not giving up! And I need your help—Take a listen to find out how.

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EP#29 - The Streaming Ban

You know it’s bad when that Netflix pop-up comes on your screen asking you if you’re still watching. Binge-watching may very well be socially acceptable, but it’s definitely not acceptable for my mental health. Join me this episode in trying to tackle why it’s so addictive to me and what my new game plan is to curb the urge to binge!

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EP#28 - Jigsaw

I admit it! I like Jigsaw Puzzles, and I don’t care who knows!!! I’m sure you're thinking “Really? This girl is doing a puzzle as a challenge?” But i bet you’d be surprised to find out all of the different ways incorporating more puzzling into your life could improve it. Aren’t you at least a little curious?

No? Oh, okay then, carry on :)


EP#27 - Belated Halloween Edition

When you put pressure on any situation to be great, you tend to be let down. Especially when your plans depend on other people! That’s what’s happened to me on every Halloween, so I wanted to try things a different way. 

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EP#26 - Halfway Point!

I’ve reached a major milestone by hitting the halfway point to my goal of doing 52 episodes !!! So let’s take a look into the past, present, and future of Crossing Boundaries and its effect on my life.

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EP#25 - Making Boundaries

Ha, see what I did there? Okay, but for real, I’ve historically had an issue with setting boundaries for myself or for interactions with other people. This week was all about recognizing that and taking steps to fix it.

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EP#24 - Being Selfish

I’m someone who always, always, always puts other people’s needs first. While that can be a good quality to have, I know I need to make time to focus on me I made it into a challenge!

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EP#23 - Meditation: 60 Min Edition

Let’s take that meditation challenge from a few weeks ago and amp a bit, shall we? 
For someone who doesn’t meditate all too often, what’s it like to do it for an hour straight?

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EP#22 - DIY Toothpaste

What if I told you there is a cheaper, more eco-friendly, and potentially healthier way to clean your teeth? This week’s challenge was making my own DIY zero-waste toothpaste—come listen to the good, the bad and the messy on how and why I made my own.

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EP#21 - Capsule Wardrobe

Do you feel like you have a million clothes and yet nothing to wear? Me too. Why is that? My challenge this week was making a capsule wardrobe. Take a listen to find out what the heck that is and why it can help.

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