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Definitions of Gratitude by some people in my life:

“Gratitude is a vehicle for connection between myself and the world around me: This body, this earth, the present moment, our shared humanity.” – Natalia St. Lawrence

“Gratitude is the appreciation and acknowledgement of someone going out of their way to help you out.” – Shaun Seneviratne

“Gratitude is the appreciation of when someone does something for you, and having a sense of reciprocation.” – Danny Casale

“I’m beginning to look at gratitude differently. Every morning, instead of asking myself what makes me happy and deeming them the things I’m grateful for, I’m asking the universe openly what I’m grateful for and waiting. Whatever pops up for the next minute or two, whether they are things that make me happy, or people that make me frustrated, or places that make me sad - I am grateful for them. Sometimes that is easier than others I am choosing to expand myself through the expansion of my gratitude.” – Brian Hastert

“Appreciation in its most sincere form.” - Gianni Damaia