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Do It Happy: Entry #1

Hi there,

My name is Mickey, and welcome to my Knowing Nothing blog, “Do it Happy.”

If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve already listened to at least one episode of my podcast, “Knowing Nothing,” and have chosen to venture deeper into the Sound Pollination rabbit hole. This post you’re reading now is my first of many, which will make up my blog. The real boy behind the microphone! My show is rather structured and produced, and at times I fear it can prevent me from seeming genuine with you. So this blog will be an opportunity for me to share more about myself as a person and as an everyday student of life.

I began the Knowing Nothing podcast for a few reasons. Firstly because I love learning new things, even if those things may never be relevant in my day-to-day. And secondly it is a way for me to force myself to keep creating. Now that I have listeners like you who like to learn as much as I do, you can hold me accountable to keeping new episodes coming.

My overarching mission for this podcast show is to make learning accessible to anyone from any walk of life. I, for one, am an actor. I do not have a PHD, and my undergrad degree isn’t in anything sciency or academic. But that doesn’t stop me from being curious! and curious people are the best people.

Now, what will this blog be, you ask? I haven’t any better clue than you! I am creating it as I go. But one thing I can assure you of is that it will be completely me. There are lots of things we can learn each day about the world and about ourselves. Since the Knowing Nothing podcast mostly covers science-based factual education, I’d like to use this blog to focus more on what education I’ve had personally in my life. How my relationships with ideas as well as with people have shaped me into the Mickey I am today. And that brings me to my blog’s name, “Do It Happy.”

If there is anything you need to know about me it is that I am a very happy person. Happiness is something I didn’t always value as necessary in my life. I used to be the kind of boy who would rather be right than be happy. Meaning I didn’t want to live in a blissful ignorance at the expense of having a close minded, ‘safe’ view of the world. I didn’t believe knowledge and happiness could coexist. But after voyaging further through my little life, I have come to a point where I know for certain happiness and Knowledge not only can co-exist, but actually magnify each other when they do. My mother once told me, “Mickey, if you’re gonna do something, you can either do it or you can do it happy.” And it’s a lesson I have lived by ever since. I believe it may just be the most important lesson I’ve learned to date. So if there is any message I’d like for you to glean from this blog, it is that you also have a choice– You can do it, or you can do it happy.

Sincerely, Mickey Roberts