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Knowing Nothing, the show made by the curious for the curious. Hosted by Mickey Roberts, Knowing Nothing is a short form, educational, motivational podcast meant to entertain curiosities and stimulate the mind.

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EP #40 - Why We Celebrate Mother's Day

Mothers are hands down the most important people on this planet. They deserve way more than just a day dedicated to them, but a national holiday isn’t half bad. On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey shares with you the history of Mother’s Day, from the times of Ancient Greece to the original mother for whom the day was invented. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


EP#39 - “The Dangers of Social Networks” with Bill Ottman

At their best, companies like Google and Facebook are uniting people from across the globe with both information and with each other. But at their worst, these companies are turning us into their product. Mining our data, selling us to advertisers, and even silencing our voices. This is the wild west we built when we gave these companies permission to connect us with the world, (on their terms). On this Episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey speaks with CEO and co-founder of, Bill Ottman, about his take on the dangers of Social Networks today, and the future of Social Communities tomorrow.  


EP#38 - Letting Go of Expectations

Everyone has expectations- of ourselves, of others, of our futures. Expectations are natural, but that doesn’t mean they’re benefiting you. On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey explores the dangers of letting your expectations control you, as well as his experience of taking that control back by letting them go.  


EP#37 - Where did Music come from?

Music exists on pretty much every part of the globe. It is a foundational human activity in today’s world. But where did music come from? And why do we love it so much? On this episode of Knowing NothingMickey searches for the origin of music, and shares a little bit about his own experience with music, or lack of it.


EP#36 - What’s the hype with this Black Hole Pic?

On Wednesday April 10th, 2019, the science community released the first ever photo of a black hole. Over this past week the photo has gone viral, made appearances on talk shows, news channels, and even wafted into the meme world. But what’s the big deal about this picture anyway? Why is everyone so excited about a photo of a fuzzy looking orange donut on a black screen? Well it’s actually a bigger deal than you might think. On this episode, Mickey talks through just why this photograph deserves all the hype it has been getting, as well as what the heck a black hole really is anway.


EP#35 - Science of a Hangover

Headache, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, sensitivity to light, hatred of all things jovial. What do these things have in common? You get to have them all the morning after a great night out on the town. It’s something every human who’s experienced it can come together on. Our mutual loathing of theHangover. On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey explains precisely what is going on in your body that turns enjoying a few too many Long Island Iced teas into the worst decision you’ve ever made in your life!  


EP#34 - The Age of Convenience

From Seamless and Amazon to apps like Wag! The "Age of Convenience" is sweeping away our chores and leaving us in leisure without any errands to run. Sounds wonderful, right? Until the stagnancy creeps in... On this episodes of Knowing Nothing, Mickey shares his thoughts about how to combat this age of convenience, and keep our sense of personal responsibility alive.     


EP #33 - Do You Procrastinate?

I am a serious procrastinator. It’s just something I’ve always thought was in my DNA. But maybe procrastination is more of a bad habit than it is a personality characteristic. On this episode of Knowing Nothing Mickey takes a look at how procrastination might actually be a skillful tactic for avoiding failure. Join me in the mission to end procrastination once and for all!


EP#32 - The Beauty of Grief

This episode is for anyone has once or is now dealing with grief and doesn’t want to do it alone.   


EP#31 - How Cloning Mammoths Might Slow Climate Change

The terrifying reality of climate change is becoming ever more pervasive. From fires in California to floods in Mozambique, climate change is real and we need to do something to stop it. Fortunately, one answer has been put forth. Clone Woolly Mammoths to save us from climate change! How the heck does that work? Listen to this episode to find out how these hairy beasts from the past might just be the keys to our future.  


EP#30 - Redemption: A Case Against Callout Culture

The world today is heading toward a zero tolerance, one strike you’re out mentality, where through social media everyone gets to play judge, jury, and executioner. But there’s still time to change course from this poisonous callout culture to a culture of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances. On this episode of Knowing Nothing Mickey makes a case for this alternative solution to some of the current very real problems we’re facing today.  


EP#29 - Free Speech v.s. Hate Speech

We all have the right to free speech. It’s part of being American. But at what point does free speech turn into hate speech? Where is the line between our constitutional right to speak freely, and a potential vehicle for protected oppression? On this Episode Mickey explores the concept of hate speech v.s. free speech and shares his views on just how free free speech really is. Here’s a hint, it’s pretty free.  


EP#28 - The Problem with Communication Today

Today’s political climate is wrought with hostility. With everyone shouting their opinions at the tops of their lungs, people seem to have forgotten how to have healthy conversations. And more importantly, we’ve forgotten how to listen. On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey explores a concept known in psychology as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and discusses how this effect might have a lot to do with our problems in today’s divisive times.


EP#27 - The Science of Love

Love is a word that means something different to every person who hears it. But at the same time it’s a word we all understand. Love is universal. It has started wars and ended them. It has been the source of the greatest artwork. And it has broken a heck of a lot of hearts. But for all the things love has done, what the heck is love? On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey dives into the science of what is going on inside our brains when we experience love.


EP#26 - Being Kind to Unkind People

Kindness is a skill, just like carpentry or anything else. It requires mindful practice, and more than anything it requires that you make the choice to try. On this episode Mickey talks about how valuable this skill can be, especially in situations when being kind is the last thing you want to do.

 This Episode is dedicated to Justin from Tech Support. 


EP#25 - Responsibility is Key

Taking responsibility for your own life is one of the strongest actions you can take on your path toward discovering purpose. Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Jordan Peterson, and his own dad, Mickey explores the power of responsibility and how striving for it will add value to your life. There’s nothing more fulfilling than trying to grow.


EP#24 - The Real Sixth Sense

Ever wonder if you have a sixth sense? Well you do. And a seventh, and an eighth, and a ninth. People connect with the world around us in so many ways that we hardly ever think about. And every one of them is amazing! On this episode of Knowing Nothing, find out just how in tuned with everything you actually are. Get your curiosity engine started, because it’s time to know a little more nothing!  


EP#23 - Why Pluto is not a Planet Anymore

WHAT?! Pluto isn’t a planet? The outrage! Who could have done this? How could this have happened? Well, if you really want to know, Mickey Roberts will walk you through the whole thing on this episode of Knowing Nothing. 


EP# 22 - The Art of Apology

Nobody likes having to say they’re sorry, but nevertheless the art of apologizing is central to our relationships with each other. On this episode, Mickey goes through his perspectives on the importance of saying you’re sorry and the lessons he’s learned about why it’s so damn hard to apologize sometimes.  


EP#21 - New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2019 Everybody! The New year is rolling in and it’s time to make some resolutions. On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey explores the opportunity for growth that the new year brings. This one is a little more interactive too! So get dawn your New Years hats and lets get curious!  


EP#20 - The Story of Santa Claus

It’s a Knowing Nothing Christmas Special! Whether you believe in him or not, The story of Santa Claus has very real roots in history. From the 3rd century Saint Nicholas, to the Norse god Odin, Today’s Santa Claus is a mutt of myth and history. And knowing that history will only serve to enrich your love of the Magical Elven Gift Giver we all know as Father Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! 


EP #19 - Careers and Identity

Everyone has been asked that dreaded question, “what do you do?” Well the answer to that might not be as simple as you think. On this episode of Knowing Nothing Mickey Roberts delves into how we tend to latch onto labels when we define what we do and who we are. But at the end of the day, is defining these answers helpful or harmful?  


EP#18 - Overcommitted

Everyone wants be a part of something, but when we stretch ourselves too thin across all of our responsibilities it’s hard to get any of them done well. On this episode of Knowing Nothing Mickey explores the reasons that drive him to overcommit himself, and attempts to articulate a solution for all of us to meet our obligations to the best of our abilities.   


EP#17– Synesthesia

On this episode of Knowing Nothing Mickey Roberts dives deep into the world of synesthesia, where sounds can be smelt and sights can be felt. This unique neurological condition is proof of just how incredible it is to be human!

Featuring musician Marlon Marcy from "A Band Called Sad," and Actor, Dancer, Creator Fernando Moya Delgado

IG: @fonismoya and @abandcalledsad


EP#16 - Gratitude

On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey talks about gratitude, and the importance of cultivating gratitude to cultivate happiness. Learning to say “thank you” is more powerful than you think, and there’s science to prove it! This episode will make you smile.


EP#15 - What is Frostbite?

Winter is coming! And we need to protect ourselves from the dangers of frostbite. We’ve all heard of it, but do we actually know what it is? On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey Roberts breaks down what is really happening when someone has frostbite, and why it can be so dangerous. Grab your mittens, and listen to this one in the snow!


EP#14 - Self Awareness

Being able to look at yourself in the mirror, every flaw in full view, is a necessary part of growth. On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey explores the value of self reflection and the gift of self awareness.


EP#13 - Prioritizing People

On this episode of “Knowing Nothing” Mickey admits his priorities haven’t been straight recently, and shares a lesson or two that he’s learned about the importance of prioritizing people in his life


EP#12 - The Origin of Halloween

Halloween is upon us! But What is Halloween? Where does it come from? On this Episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey brings you through the haunting origin story of Halloween.  Listeners Beware…..


EP#11 - Why Does Autumn Happen?

The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, Autumn is in the air! So in the spirit of the season, Knowing Nothing Ep. 11 is answering the age old question... Why does Autumn happen? So If you’re curious, join Mickey this week on this Autumnal Adventure!  


EP#10 - What is a Blood Clot?

This episode of Knowing Nothing is a special one. With the help of National Spokesperson for the North American Thrombosis Forum,(NATF), Melanie Bloom, Mickey shares vital information about the “Silent Killer” that is deep vein thrombosis, better known as blood clots.  

IG: @melanie.bloom , @sbx_boxing

Shadowbox NATF Fundraiser


EP#9 - Creativity

On this episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey Roberts busts the myth of creative inspiration. If you’re creating, then you’re creative. It’s as simple as that.


EP#8 - What is Color Blindness?

On this Episode of Knowing Nothing, Mickey Roberts finally cracks the shell around his own color blindness. Breaking down what color blindness is, how it occurs, and what it’s like to be colorblind today.  


EP#7 - Empathy Man

This episode of Knowing Nothing details the amazing adventures of empathy man!  Then Mickey Roberts explores what empathy is, where it comes from, and why it matters.  Feat. damn good music by Taylor Crawford, v.o. Performance by Sarah Wisser, as well as Mickey Roberts playing Empathy Man and Cat. 

(This episode is dedicated to Lindsay Stephen, you know who you are).

IG: @TaylorJohnCrawford

IG: @s_wisser


Ep. 6 Why Can't I Sing?

In this episode, Mickey tries to figure out why he can’t sing like Justin Timberlake. Is it because he doesn’t practice enough? Or is Justin just special? Join him as he uncovers the magical process of the human voice, the flat reality of tone deafness, and enjoy a special surprise at the end of the episode. 

Dylan Hartigan’s Social Media: 

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Ep. 5 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Episode 5 of Knowing Nothing - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. Mickey shares his thoughts on happiness and admits to being a mama's boy. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 4.21.09 PM.png

Ep. 4 To Hiccup or Not to Hiccup

In Episode 4 of Knowing Nothing, Mickey Roberts seeks answers to the age old question - what the heck is a hiccup? 


Ep. 3 Crypto Curiosity Part 3

The final part of a three part episode tying a bow around block-chain and crypto by exploring where this amazing technology can take us.


Ep. 3 Crypto Curiosity Part 2

Part two of a three part episode digging into blockchain technology and it’s vast applications.  


Ep. 3 Crypto Curiosity Part 1

Part one of a three part episode diving head first into the Wild West of Crypto Currency.  


Ep. 2 “A Made Bed for a Clear Head”

Episode two of “Knowing Nothing.” How simply making your bed can actually help to improve your life.


Ep. 1  Bug Brains

Episode one of “Knowing Nothing!” An exploration into the minds of moths. Why are bugs so darn obsessed with artificial light fixtures? Let’s find out!

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