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Sound Pollination E-Magazine Is Searching For Submissions!

Help us, help you, spread your sound…and art

Sound Pollination is officially accepting submissions for the first publication of our quarterly online magazine. We are looking for art of all forms to feature in the magazine - poetry, photography, essays, painting, screenplays, plays, etc. We are open to considering any sort of feature, so don’t hesitate to submit your work - we want to see as many different pieces as possible. The submissions close on November 15th and we will select 50 pieces to be published on the platform, which will aim to be released in the beginning of 2019.

With this company, we wanted to create a platform for creative minds to spread their sounds. We see no better way of doing this than letting other artists benefit from the platform and share their work.

Copies of the magazine will be available via a print on demand option after the project is finished.

Given the investment of time and resources that go in to producing a project like this, we are asking for a small submission fee. The funds generated from this will help us dedicate the amount of work that we feel is necessary to make this project a success.

We can’t wait to review all of your work and to develop this exciting project.

Start submitting your work through the link below!

Sound Pollination Submission Form
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