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Twenty Somethings is a New York-based podcast hosted by Grant Crawford and Keith Vartanian.  When asked about the show, the hosts describe it simply as "social commentary" or "sort of like group therapy" because the long form intimate conversations jump from things like new diets, to bigfoot, working habits, love, and drug experiences.  The show has a unique guest each week, usually a twenty something year old creative person making waves in whatever industry they're involved with.  Kick back with this podcast and enjoy tumultuous conversations with modern day young adults.

Host Blogs


Layovers: Uber and the Gig Economy, The Bubonic Plague, and Alyssa Milano's "Sex Strike"

The gig economy has provided an economic boost to a generation toasted under the pressure of a meaty financial crash in between two pieces of rye bread, hold the job market sauce. While it has provided a means of living for some, is it playing out in the way most want it to? Are we thinking of the gig economy in the right way? What even is the gig economy? 

Grant and Keith debate its affects through new tools such as Uber, Lyft, Twitch, Etsy, Fiverr, and more, and where it drives next on this week's Layovers. And then, of course, they get silly willy and talk about the most recent case of the Bubonic Plague - yes, kids, this is what happens when you don't take your vaccines. We're looking at you, Williamsburg. We also discuss Alyssa Milano and her #SexStrike over the most recent law changes down South, coupled with people who decide their airline luggage is vastly more important than the lives of their co-passengers. Welcome to 2019! 


Layovers: Avengers, Game of Thrones, and the Tale of the Blockbuster, The Future is Human, and Whales are Russian Spies

Things get a little heated. Over Avengers. Oh please, it's happened to you, too. 

Keith and Grant discuss the reason pop culture clings to blockbusters like Tormund clings to a Giant's breast, as well as fat shaming (cough cough Grant), blackface cupcakes, Russian Whale Spies, Robert Kraft's Super Bowl Ring that was stolen by Vladimir Putin himself, and so, so much more. Tune in for a fun episode, that, per usual, goes all over the place. 

What even IS this podcast?!?


EP#39 - 2020 Presidential Race, Saucy Fox News and The Man Tax

Over here at Twenty Somethings, we’ve only heard of one thing ever being referred to as saucy - and it isn’t Fox News. 

Gear up for a great opening conversation about a few of the 2020 Presidential Candidates, and what these next couple of years of potential hell are going to look like. Then we dive into our “normal” escapades of ridiculous headlines and unpopular opinions. Can you say, Man Tax?! Yes, that’s a tax on MEN.


EP#21 - Charlize Theron, The Small Penis Syndrome, and Florida's Army of Turtles

Well. We gave you Zack Signore. Then we gave you Gabby Bryan. 
And now we're giving you both at once. 
For probably the most absurd episode of Twenty Somethings to date, kick your feet up, microwave some leftover human tongue (listen to the episode... you'll get it), and enjoy the gross stench that hits your ears. 

IG: @quackowacko , @gabbyisbryan
Gabby's Website


Layovers: Lori Loughlin and the FBI, Andrew Yang and the Gang, and Pedophilia in the Church

Like all Layovers episodes, this one goes off the handle. Keith and Grant regroup this week to touch on a multitude of hot topics, specifically centered around Celebrity Fetishism. What is that, you might ask? Oh, just look at the way our society handles the likes of Lori Loughlin, Donald Trump, The Rock, Jussie Smollet, and the recent headline list goes on, and on, and on. The obsession over public figures isn't new, and we dive into the abstinence policy of the Church, and how some higher-ups in the organization blame the vibrant colors of the 1960s for their "recent" pedophilia crimes - and of course not the fact that they've been forced to remain abstinent for hundreds of years because they were the OG celebrity fetishees. 

 We will let you discover the unpopular opinions for themselves, but if you hate spiderwebs, water-sogged cereal, mayo on popcorn, twerking, and bullies - this episode is for you. 
BONUS ALERT: Tune in for a dual ASMR track - live, from two idiots who have no idea what ASMR is.


EP#20 - Joe Biden, Trump Hates Wind, and the Ban on Beastiality

We have a guest again! 
Please welcome our new friend Mathuson Anthony on the podcast for the very first time, and hopefully not the last! We had a great conversation with the up-and-coming Brooklyn-based fashion mogul - and explored a lot of juicy headlines, topics, and unpopular opinions. We touched on everything from Joe Biden, to old internet staples (...two girls one cup... amirite?), to Method Acting gone wrong, to Donald Trump hating wind, and everything in between. Tune in for a very fun episode and get ready to cackle!

 IG: @kinkshame_heathcliff  
Mathuson's Website


Layovers: Jussie Smollett, the Two-Womb Woman, and Cardi B The Thief

On this week's episode, we touched on Cardi B drugging and robbing men and Jussie Smollett lying to the entirety of America and now lying AGAIN within a thirty minute span, and I think that's all you need to know about this episode. 

Leave us a review if you love the Old Hags in the beginning of the episode. I like Grandpa Grant WAY better than Regular Grant.


Layovers: Tobacco Dip Gone Wrong, Pox Parties, and The Florida Man Challenge

Thirty Four Episodes In. 

Thirty-four times you've listened to us ramble. 

Thirty-four times we've laughed at our own joke, and you definitely didn't laugh with us. 

Thirty-four times we say thank you! 

As we start to really get the hang of this new structure, we begin to toy with the idea of bringing guests back on to torture them with unpopular opinions and ridiculous headlines. We explore the weekly headlines that jumped beyond the realm of reasonable, and came out with;

- A Kentucky Governor who put his NINE children through a Pox Party. Go look it up, it's exactly what it sounds like. We don't know how we did it,  but, alas, we remember- it's Kentucky. 

- Abortion Reversal, formerly known as the "New Fad from Arkansas", is all the rage! Get an Abortion and want to hit the undo button? No need to fear, the Arkansas State Government is here! (No science necessary).

- Do your Due Diligence as a Citizen and make sure that you don't accidentally slip bleach into food items at the grocery store. Some of us haven't been so lucky and have fallen to the temptation. I know - it's hard. 

Plus, we have some widly unpopular opinions for you guys. Tune into the episode to argue with us when we can't hear you! 


Layovers: The Dangers of Alcohol, Ukelele Music, Deathly Orgasms

There were some crazy headlines and unpopular opinions on this week's episode of Twenty Somethings. We discussed all sorts of recent juicy news - a Goat was elected Mayor, Pornhub had a Social Media Porn (yes, its a real thing) spike during the Facebook and Instagram Blackout, and so, so much more. Tune in for a fun time, some crazy news, and some controversial opinions from the depths of reddit ("Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants is the best fictional character ever"- yup, we agree).


Layovers: Green New Deal, The Giver, and Cow Tranquilizers

On this week's Layovers episode, Keith and Grant discuss the (in)famous (depending on how you look at it) Green New Deal from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, even though they hardly have any idea what's in it! INTRIGUING

Stick around for later on in the episode as we read some absurd headlines (Ever have menacing and hormonal pre-teen thoughts about tranquilizing your father with the family tranquilizer? Us neither!) and get into the ever-so-popular unpopular opinions - this week it's spaghetti is best eaten with fingers - don't @ us. 


Layovers: Brain Tumors, Testosterone, and Buzz Lightyear - Cocaine Extraordinaire

You're in for a doozy this week. 

As Grant and Keith continue to tweak the show to fit the live stream needs (which you should definitely check out and definitely won't be a waste of your Sunday nights ... *wink*) we get another Layovers episode. 

On this week's episode, Grant and Keith discover all sorts of news nuggets of gold across the internet. We get to see the beauty of an 1800 year old Roman Penis Carving being discovered (how are we still "discovering" things?) on the side of a cliff.

We get a professional card game player who pulled a Lance Armstrong and had all of his medals, world titles, and awards stripped - for enhancing himself with admitted non-performance enhancing drugs.

And of course, your Sunday night wouldn't be complete with a nice gun story, so we get a story of a creep father trying to impress his 16 year old daughters friends at her birthday party by playing with his gun - but ends up shooting himself in the stomach. 

We talk so much more on this episode, so come hang out with the weirdest and most lax podcast hosts you'll ever meet! 


EP#19 - The Week of The Flu Throwback

This week's episode is a throwback to a trial episode recorded last April, when we were still toying with the idea of doing podcasts. It is our first "episode" ever! Unfortunately this week, though they had a great guest planned, Grant and Keith both succumbed to the flu and couldn't get an episode in. The result is the first episode ever recorded, a trial episode with our good friends and Sound Pollination co-starters, Mickey Roberts and Gianni Damaia. Have fun listening to us try to sound like we know what we're doing!! It'll provide a lot of laughs! 


EP#18 - The Worst Podcast Episode Ever

On this week's episode of Twenty Somethings, Keith and Grant invite The Bad Movies Podcast host Gianni Damaia on to be the guinea pig for their new weekly segments. The result was a podcast episode that goes literally all over the place, and truly needs to be listened to to grasp the full scope of weird that we are dealing with. 


Layovers: Methamphetamine, Exploding e-Cigarettes, and the Fiji Girl

Keith and Grant test out some new segments on this week's Layovers episode. We touched on our high's and lows of the week, competed for the most ridiculous news headline, and dissected reddit's unpopular opinion's. 

Some topics included are: 

Meth on the Death Bed 

The true meaning of "Wacky Tobaccy"

Fiji Model "Bit the Hand that Feeds"

SuperSiri Stops School Shooting 

Risque Delta Napkins

and much, much more. 

Tune in for a wild and fun ride! 


EP#17 - Sports, West Hollywood and the Privilege of Scooped Bagels

Alas! We have a guest! 

Grant and Keith welcome their good friend Zack Signore onto Twenty Somethings this week to talk about his recent re-relocation back to Brooklyn from the gridlock traffic of West Hollywood. We end up kicking it for a couple of hours and talking about everything under the sun - from the sexiness of baseball pants (and how they're what's really important about America's pastime), to the equally privileged and embarrassing reality of getting your bagels scooped, to The Rock or Oprah in the White House in 2020, and so, so much more.

Tune in for a lot of laughs! 


Layovers: Budget Bo$$es

On this episode of Layovers, Grant and Keith received an outrageous electric bill and discuss how they manage to budget their money in an era that makes it so difficult to maintain anything. They talk about kicking old habits in place for new ones, being conscious of your spending, "passion budgeting" (how chic) and more!

Welcome to Budget Bosses. With Clark and Jerry. You'll get it. 


Layovers: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Reddit's Unpopular Opinions

On this week's Layovers episode, Grant and Keith discuss the rapidly up-and-coming world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. It seems like just yesterday we were experimenting with the idea of this through the clunky TV Remote handle of the Nintendo Wii. Now we can sit courtside to our favorite NBA games with the don of a futuristic cowl. What a crazy world we live in, right?

What does this mean for the future of our species? What will it mean for our kids, and how will they grow up? Will we end up living forever through the means of a virtual world? SO MANY QUESTIONS! We have no answers.  

On this week's episode, Keith and Grant introduce a new segment (finally, some structure, we get it) where we dissect the latest and greatest of the ever popular Reddit thread; Unpopular Opinions. This segment is a lot of fun to tune into live, so make sure to catch us on our next episode! Follow our instagram below for updates on the streaming times. 


Layovers: Social Media - The Good, The Bad, and The Evil

On this week's layovers episode, Keith and Grant talk about the affect social media has had on their own personal lives, and our take on how it is affecting society as a whole. We all know that while the access to an infinite plethora of information tidbits can be a good thing, it has its blaring flaws as well, which poses the question everyone seems to accept but nobody wants to fully realize - what should we do about it?


EP#16 - The Hard Left vs The Hard Right, Louis C.K 's Comeback, and All Things Music

You're in for a doozy this week. 

For this week's episode, we had on four of the five band members of up and coming electronic/alt-pop band A Band Called Sad. They just released a new EP titled, We Haven't Heard of Us, Either. You can find it on Spotify and iTunes. 

With the band, we discuss what makes a band good live, the political tension and division between the hard left and the hard right, and Louis C.K's current controversy and how that feeds into pop culture. Yes, this episode goes all over the place, but it is a good listen with a bunch of solid dudes - and solid musicians. 

Spotify Page

IG: @abandcalledsad


Layovers - New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year! Quick - flush your pack of cigarettes down the toilet, make sure to get to bed early, and hit the gym as soon as January 1st hits! Keith and Grant discuss their own personal New Years Resolutions, and we work through the best way to actually reach those goals, instead of buying the yearly gym membership on a New Years discount only to forget about it by the time February rolls around. We hope you enjoy the episode, and get ready for 2019! New year, new you, right?! 


Layovers: Christmas, Consumerism and Commercialism

On this week's Layovers episode, Keith and Grant get in their holiday spirit the only way they know how - by being bah humbugs! Critiquing Christmas sounds harsh, we know, but bear with us - we discuss the good and the bad, swerving our Christmas sleigh from Capitalism through the lens of the big dude in the red suit to our desire to see new workplace incentives for volunteer opportunities that are oh so prominent thru the holidays. Tune in for an awesome and unique look at holiday cheer, and have a great holiday! 




EP#15 - Kanye West and Modern Geniuses

On this week's episode of Twenty Somethings, Keith and Grant are joined by Karah James, drummer and singer of timeless indie-pop band Valley. We talk modern day geniuses and the lackadasical attitude that comes with handing that term out - specifically to rappers that refer to themselves as Jesus. You all know who I'm talking about. We also discuss cell phones and how they have impacted our society on a generational level, the business side of the entertainment industry, and much, much more! Tune in for an awesome hangout with our newest friend from the North! 

Valley are the Toronto band with an undeniable New York sound that are about to be at the top of your radar. Known for hit singles such as Swim and Say, they are back with a new but familiar sound in the first portion of their new album titled MAYBE - SIDE A, released in late November with the rest slated for a release in 2019. Be sure to check it out for their new indie pop hits, such as Push for Yellow (Shelter) and Closer to the Picture, and you will surely want to stick around for the rest of this killer album. asdf

Spotify Artist Page

Valley's Website

IG: @thisisvalley

Twitter: @thisisvalley


Layovers: Political Tribes In 2018

Our first ever live stream was captured this week, and we discussed the tribal nature of politics in 2018. We expressed our concern for those that will battle their opinion to the end, but only believe in that opinion because their group does. Why would someone want to strip away a complex identity and only show an opinionated and combative side of themselves? We are seeing a lot of this stemming from the 2016 election, where people will cling to their group's stance for dear life. Keith and Grant explore this concept and much more on this week's special Layovers episode. 


EP#14 - The Rise of New Media and Updating a Broken Education System

On this week's episode of Twenty Somethings, Josh Katz joins Keith and Grant to talk a bunch of fields that all parties involved are decently passionate and interested in. The topics ranged anywhere from the merit of long-form content, the ancient architecture of the current American education system, and most importantly - lasagna. Lots and lots of lasagna.

Josh is a photographer, Youtuber, and Skateboarder living in NYC. Josh has a significant presence on Youtube making photography how-to videos and skating videos, as well as an Instagram presence with his photography. His recent photography clients include; Canon, Adobe, Mountain Dew, GoPro, and more.

Josh's Youtube

IG: @joshkatz


EP#13 - Hey Kids! Welcome to 5th Grade Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class!

On this week's episode of Twenty Somethings, Keith and Grant had BJJ Coach and fighter Chris Crosby, along with his training partner, Josh Booty, on the show. We talked all things for the love of martial arts, but specifically Chris' recent dive into teaching martial arts and jiu jitsu as part of a charter school curriculum. Yes, you read that right - a real school is having their kids learn "The Gentle Art" . We wanted to hear all about it! We talked the affects on discipline, confidence, control, and respect these kids are experiencing in their first year under their new teacher, and what that might look like should the world take notice.

Chris Crosby is MMA and BJJ Coach and fighter out of Soul Fighters BJJ and Movement Martial Arts in Louisiana. Chris also teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as part of the curriculum at BASIS Baton Rouge Charter School.

Josh Booty is Chris' student and training partner. Josh's wife and kids train under Chris as well.

Chris' IG: @ccrosbyjiujitsu

Josh's IG: @gage_booty

BASIS Baton Rouge Website


EP#12 - Sound Pollination Thanksgiving Special

On this week's episode of Twenty Somethings, Keith and Grant invite the other two Sound Pollination workhorses, Mickey Roberts and Gianni Damaia to join them for a true Thanksgiving feast - 4 Pizza Pies from the local Brooklyn Pizzeria and some bottom shelf Gin.

Mickey runs his own educational podcast entitled Knowing Nothing, and Gianni runs his film review podcast, entitled The Bad Movies Podcast (you can guess what he reviews).

On this episode, the guys go all over the place - here are some of the topics:

- video games

- understanding our realities and not over exaggerating them without perspective

- being adults but yearning for simplicities

- linguistics and why they matter

- pizza and gin

- learning from kids

- taking criticism

and much ... much ... more ... (for better or worse, pardon the gin)


EP#11 - The Fate of Fame in the Entertainment Business

How has streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music affected the music industry? Along with social media, have they dropped the veil over mysterious celebrities by propelling an "arts middle class"? What is the purpose of creating art whilst at a cultural crossroads, and how does each individual artist bear that responsibility?

On this weeks episode of Twenty Somethings, Grant and Keith talk in and around these sorts of topics with good friend Joe Wood. Joe is a up-and-coming pop artist hailing from Brooklyn, NY, with singles such as Parking Lots, Alone, and Had Enough. Joe is constantly putting out new content, so be sure to check him out on Spotify, Apple Music, and his social media links found below.

IG: @JoeWoodMusic


Layovers: Relationships 101

Relationships are crazy, and we all have experiences in past relationships that shape how we operate through current ones. Grant and Keith reflect on their past relationships and how they have shaped who they are today, for the good and the bad. They also discuss what they think the true meaning of love is, and how that has slightly shifted with the current generation. 


EP#10 - Living with Monks, Working with Kids, and Premeditated Tragedies

On this week's episode of Twenty Somethings, Grant, Keith and special guest Alexandra Mesaros go all over the map - from discussing her unique childhood and upbringing, to animation voiceover, to premeditated and motivated mass murders and what is the root of that particular evil. Alex is an actress and voiceover artist - you can get more info on Alex at her website.


Layovers: Mental Illness and the American Epidemic

On the third Layovers episode, Grant and Keith discuss a tough subject for many people in America today - mental illness. They touch one where they think it might come from, how it has reached a severely critical boiling point, and what they think can be done about it. They don't claim to have the answers, but the best they can do is start a conversation - a simple tactic they believe inherently decreases feelings of anxiety and depression. 


EP#9 - The State of American Democracy and the Upcoming Midterm Elections

On this weeks episode, we invited two women that are doing a huge service for anyone looking for legitimately any level of knowledge about politics, on a local, state, and governmental level. Meet Candidates and Coffee, run by Sara Kubida and Campbell Dunsmore, two New York based artists who decided to combine their mutual interests in art and politics to mobilize change from the bottom floor up. Candidates and Coffee is a nonpartisan, intimate video interview series of political candidates running for state or local office. It is just what it says it is - Campbell and Sara talking with potential legislatures and trying to get to know them on a more personal level, for the widespread audience to see. Their first season can be found at the following links:

Candidates and Coffee Youtube Channel

IG: @CandidatesandCoffee


Layovers: Dietary Functions and the Changes in Generations

On the second Layovers episode, Keith and Grant discuss how food and diets have changed through the generations. Do the younger generations have a better or worse sense of health? Is there any true answer to maintaining a healthy diet, or are we always improving our understanding of health via food? What mishaps and misleads of the previous generation caused the newer generations to act the way that they do?


EP#8 - Yoga, Meditation, and Reframing Religion

On this episode of Twenty Somethings we chat with Henry Winslow - a former competitive diver turned yoga instructor. He has a podcast called Dharma Talk with Henry Winslow, available on all podcast apps.

 We talk about Yoga, Meditation, Flow State, and the difference between Religion and Spirituality, and how we can work to merge the two.

IG: henrywins

Teaches Yoga at: Lighthouse Yoga School and Yoga and Fitness Herald Square in New York 


EP#7 - Females in Comedy and Identity Politics

Gabby Bryan is an actress, comedian, and is heavily involved in the  podcast scene. She has produced and appeared on You Know What Dude on the RiotCast Network, and has started her own podcast show with comedian Katie Hannigan, entitled Apodcalypse. You can find both on ITunes. On this episode, we talk Females in Comedy, the over-saturation of comedy specials on Netflix, identity politics, and how to navigate the entertainment industry. 

IG: @gabbyisbryan

Gabby's Website


Ep. #6 - Onyi David

Onyi David is a German-American actor who came to the United States 4 years ago to pursue a degree in Acting. We talk the immigration process, philosophy, masculinity, and participation trophies. Tune in for a great episode! 

IG: onyi_david


Layovers - Overtime Culture

Welcome to the very first Layovers episode of Twenty Somethings - a spinoff of our normal episode where Keith and Grant pick a current topic and dissect it as best they can.

In this episode, Keith and Grant examine what has been dubbed "Overtime Culture", a manifestation of excess capitalism and the blurred lines of tolerable working hours. This problem is very prevalent in Japan, Singapore, and, yes, the United States. 


Ep. #5 - Brandon Reese

Brandon is the co-host and producer of the On the Bus Podcasta podcast and Youtube conglomerate that combines travel, exploration, innovation, and most importantly, curiosity. Brandon just finished a 7 month trip through South America on a self-remodeled school bus, where he and his team combined their bus driving skills with their interview prowess to bring new light to whoever they could, from Medellin to Venezuela to Peru and much more in between. 

Brandon is also a former professional basketball player in Israel, and also played college hoops at Syracuse. 

IG: @TheNomadicBusDriver , @OnTheBusPodcast

Twitter: @BrandonReese24 , @OnTheBusCast

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 9.41.42 AM.png

Ep. #4 - April Rose Gabrielli 

April is the lead frontwoman for The Rose Monarcha New York-based alternative rock band. You can check out their music on iTunes and Spotify, with hits such as Cover to Cover and Breathe In. Be on the look out for new music soon, and be sure to check out our "Totally Not in a Basement" session with her below! 

The Rose Monarch - Website

Totally Not in a Basement Session
Twitter:  @TheRoseMonarch @Ape_Vox

Instagram: @TheRoseMonarch@Ape_Vox


Ep. #3 - Dylan Owen

Dylan Owen is an alternative rap artist from New York. His confessional, introspective rap music bridges indie and alternative sensibilities. You can check out his music on iTunes and Spotify, with hits such as Ghosts, and stellar new tracks, like Mourn and Break Some Ice.

Dylan's Website

Twitter: @DylanOwenMusic

Instagram: @DylanOwenMusic

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 4.12.21 PM.png

Ep. #2 - Jesse James Keitel

For Episode 2, we bring to you a guest very special to our heart - Jesse James Keitel. Jesse is an actor and drag artist living in NYC. They recently starred in the indie film, Like Glass, portrayed the role of "Sidney" in Netflix's Alex Strangelove and portrayed the non-binary character of "Tam" on the TV series Younger.

Instagram: @peroxide_femanon




Ep. #1 - Danny Casale

Danny is a self-proclaimed "bad animator", residing in New York City. His animations have reached across the entire world, with upwards of 500K subscribers on his Youtube Channel, and approaching 800K on his instagram. Go check out his quirky and fun animations at his handles below!


Instagram: @coolman_coffeedan

Twenty Somethings is recorded and produced in our New York-based recording studio. Find out more details to have your own podcast produced by clicking here.