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Ep. #1 Danny Casale - Official Transcript

it's the 20-somethings podcast aren't
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Danny Casal is on our first episode yeah
Danny it's happening right here right
now cool man coffee Dan that's his
handle if you don't know it you've
probably seen his animations being
shared by everybody on your newsfeed he
refers to himself as a bad animator he's
really not he is incredibly talented he
is an amazing mind I consider him a good
friend and it was really really awesome
to sit down with him and dig into his
mind a little bit so without further ado
here is Danny
sell the cool man
oh yeah loud and proud alright so we're
here today with Danny Casal am i
pronouncing it correctly I got asked
everybody that okay cool so you want to
tell everybody who you are what you do I
mean we'll have an introduction
separately but out of your home yeah
yeah yeah
so fuck dude so my self title keeps
changing and updating which is great
which means I'm cat like catching myself
and new chapters constantly but as of
now I call myself a bad animator like a
self-proclaimed bad animator and that's
exactly what I'm doing now and that's
exactly what I'm going full-throttle
with now is just releasing these
cartoons in my style of doodling house
doodles which is like very blobby simple
coloured but weird offbeat humor to
match it so I've been releasing those
videos too out into the world and it's
really been striking a chord so I've
been keeping steady with that and but at
the end of the day they're really just
like shitty animations like and I'm not
it's so amazing and it works it's
hilarious student yeah work is really
really funny thank you dude like so the
characters that people are seeing in the
videos now are those do they look like
synonymous to what they might find in
your like fourth-grade notebook does a
great I don't think I ever looked back
in my notebook as far as forth might be
kind of interesting to go I feel like my
drawings are definite the same as they
yeah I think for the most part you kind
of how you start doodling in fourth
grade is how your doodling for the rest
of your life yeah I think that's
actually the year you solidify your
doodle style yeah how much that's that's
about a person science comeback that
actually yeah my doodles are all like
very they're like patterns so I'll do
like patterns over and over again it's
not really characters but you're a
cartoonist you're just drawing like to
like my doodles they definitely look
like they did in fourth grade and they
did not look good in fourth grade yeah
stick figures though we talk not stick
figures like I evolved from the stick
figure to do the Aris the three stick s
or the 6c I don't even know what that is
so it's like you draw three lines and
then the way you connect it turns into a
pretty gangsta s like like kids would
like put that on like their tech decks
and stuff yeah
what got you cuz I know you used to do
like film stuff I remember the last time
I talked to you you were doing film
right so what got you to like switch
over into animation yeah well that's
yeah so that's why I can't like title
keeps changing cuz like right back then
I was totally like full full on
filmmaking I called myself a filmmaker
and then one day in June so almost a
year ago I had this one like really
weird 3:00 in the morning idea now when
you have a 3:00 in the morning idea
you're like I got to do it I got I'm not
gonna go to bed and lose this idea so I
did it and I just upload it to Instagram
which at the time was that two thousand
followers and which idea was that sorry
and would people know it I'm like if it
makes F Lakes oh yeah so as the snakes
have laid snakes have legs and I dropped
in a few days later I get this D I'm
saying hey this uh this big meme page
was like half a million followers just
reposted I'm like excuse me oh wow big
the mean page was called gracefully
called grandma's butthole
Oh grandma's butthole started my new
career guys oh that's great so every
sort of that kids dude it's uh it's not
a g-rated lifestyle I'm leading yeah so
yeah after that I was like okay so that
and then I started getting a whole bunch
of followers a new audience which as a
content creator on the Internet
you're hungry for that yeah audience you
know so and I was hustling for like
years to try to get a new audience and
all of a sudden it was happening quickly
so I'm like okay so that video worked
I'm gonna follow up with another type of
similar styled video another cartoon to
see like what's going on here to gauge
the situation and I did that a few days
later and that one went off as well and
I'm like so this is what I'm doing now
like this is yeah this is I'm gonna do
this forever that's working right and so
I've been doing that
I guess eleven months now right and it's
it's turned into its own thing man it's
it's actually like everyday I'm just
like what the fuck why are these
animations like striking like hundreds
of thousands of well that's what I
wanted to ask you it's like what do you
think like what what is it about these
animations that's like very just
intriguing to me ville you know like
what it what why do you think it's
striking a chord because it clearly is
you know like it's doing something yeah
what can I ask you like what do you see
in them hmm I think one thing that I
appreciate about them right now like
during this time period is that they are
totally at least I know you released
them with Kanye and Donald Trump the
other day which was hilarious but the
lack of political content involved with
them it just seems very like not
ideological it's not choosing a side not
choosing a side yeah exactly and it's
just very like anybody can approach it
and anybody can take away the humor from
it yeah
kind of thing whereas I feel like right
now currently content like that is
lacking yeah it's very like content I
feel like is very divided at the moment
along with everything else content right
now is trying to go towards those things
I basically like the money and that I
guess you know but in your case it's a
great point I don't know if you've
thought about that at all but that's
what I like about it it's like I can
watch this and I'm like wow this is this
makes me feel good and also it's neutral
like it's not giving me any of that
negative I thought the same thing when I
watched it yeah that's a great great
point what you guys are bringing up
about like other click hungry websites
you know trying to be problematic
because there's a philosophy as to
that's what they think gets the clicks
while I think I completely obliterated
and debunked that theory because perfect
example like you said the Kanye West and
Donald Trump video that formula that I
put into that video you know whereas
whether you love or hate Donald Trump
whether you love or hate Kanye whether
you know what the fuck is going on
between them or don't you're gonna enjoy
this content yeah that was the same
formula that I inadvertently stumbled
upon too with snakes have legs right
same thing it's a guy believing
something he read on the Internet the
snake so the thing that he read on the
internet was that snakes do not have
legs the snake comes into frame saying
that's some dumb shit
you should stop believing everything you
read on the internet and the guy
unfriend Simon chooses to keep believing
that snakes have legs right weather no
matter what political sexual mental
spiritual no matter what you are and
what you identify as you're gonna apply
that video to your own life yeah totally
like I love this well I'm gonna apply to
your own narrative yeah so is that what
you look for do you look for those can
you when you're sitting down you're
going through your creative process are
you looking for those sort of maybe
Universal situations that you might be
able to then translate into one of these
cartoons I guess
yes of kindness subconscious type of way
with the Kanye West Donald Trump one
that was more of like a this is like a
tried and true formula that like works
no snakes have legs that worked but I
think in more of a subconscious way I'm
like where what's the it's like the
human just element here like what's the
bear like fiber of like a human being
that everyone can agree on and that's
like everyone wanting to be reminded
that they're loved and that was another
really popular one it's like my blue
Dadaab character that I titled blue dude
telling you that you're loved yeah
that's one of my favorite videos and
like that one is just I think tremendous
I mean it's amazing how rare something
like that is to come across especially
something viral that everybody's sharing
and it not be like some new-agey
bullshit you know right like it's not
like some guy from the 60s like spewing
about how we're all one it's just more a
little bit more grounded what's I think
a lot about like connecting with people
rather than trying to like sell an image
or trying to sell like an idea of
something which I think a lot of things
are doing I think it's like what you're
doing is you're connecting with you like
I don't know if you do this I do you
like talk to people in the comments
section of your YouTube videos or you
talk to people like in the comment
section your Instagram or anything all
the time yeah and that's a that's
awesome like that's connecting with
people rather than trying to like sell
like these big media companies are these
big you know production companies are
selling images you're not selling images
you're just connecting with people on
like a human level right with a story
and then connecting with them in the
comments and that's what drives so much
you know you were shipped here to your
channel that's awesome that was always
like the philosophy with with me like I
wish more content creators just
communicated with their audience hey yo
thank you yeah there's a really good
philosophy with someone that I really
fuck with his name is Gary Vee Gary
yeah look I love all right so you know
so he be a great piece of advice
that he kind of spews is always respond
to your audience
and when you don't know what to say just
say thanks yep hmm he spent like the
first three years I think on Twitter he
responded to every single person that
reached out him on Twitter like every
single one but there is not a time that
someone tweeted at him for his first
three years on Twitter that he didn't
reply back at least something and it's
so simple to see why that works you know
it's so easy like straightforward advice
and we're building a friendship you're
building a relationship with something I
do that on a mass scale like that's
right that's what that's what content
creation is now yeah seems like people
are really responding to knowing who's
on the other side of that you know who's
on the other side of this content and
now more than ever that we have the
ability to do that what we're doing
right here is this is coming straight
from the source there's no publishing
company in that it's going through
there's no network that it's going
through it is leaving our mouths going
into the microphones I will edit it like
I'm minimal now yeah and then it's going
on the internet and anybody can assume
that it's right for us what no just
minimal editing ie like totally muting
my track yeah oh it's a bad joke sorry
like going down is down no I saw it
reminds me of my love life and it's
yeah ya know there's something really a
potent about the guy that you're
watching or girl that you're watching
hitting you back and saying yo thank you
thank you I appreciate this or like
answering a question you had about like
their equipment or something or like you
know just showing love man it's like
yeah if you have like you know thousands
or millions of people showing you love
you know take some time out of your day
to respond to a few hundred or like a
hundred you know like it's work and I'm
like realizing that more and more like
it's fucking work dude and you know
Gary's on some level he's on a Gary
hustle like he coined the word hustle I
feel but you know he's like it's it's
it's work it is work to like go in open
up your mail and you know respond to
always people read it you know watch it
in context this that it could be like
jarring but it goes so far
dude it goes so far because just it does
a few things but I feel like what it
does most is it solidifies audience
creator relationship mm-hmm and that's
probably the most important thing that
you could have do you notice that people
are like fault like if you respond to
someone like you notice that they follow
you or like I mean I'm sure you notice
that more at the beginning stages but
yeah well I well so I think most people
are already following yeah but when I do
respond it's a solid amount of the time
they're like oh my god I didn't think
you respond right that's awesome let
like well it's unfortunate they don't
think you respond but totally
understandable and like you know you
know people are rocking like tens and
millions of followers they probably
don't see these things but right but
it's so important that you do it goes a
long way it does it does and I think you
know this this goes back to just again
human nature people are hungry for
contact you know in this technology
world people want human human contact
and when you respond it's like oh
there's someone on the other side of the
screen yeah like that's real a real
thing so yeah yeah it's important and
it's it's special yeah it's funny
because I work I work in college
classrooms at the moment I work in
English classes and what I like the
prompts that seems to be like spread out
in all of these English classes that
work and it's like does technology like
help relationships like help people
socialize or does it hinder that right
and it's like I always find it difficult
to argue on the side of no it's making
socializing worse I mean I see why
people say that like I guess
face-to-face socializing like maybe kids
might not be developing those skills as
I guess rapidly as they used to but as
far as like making those connections and
offering people a less lonely life I
feel like now we're living in like the
least lonely time period that has ever
existed on the planet
yeah and I think that you know like in
today's day and age where you're able to
connect with so many people at one time
like that like you said although at the
same time we might be living in like the
lease but we might be living in the most
lonely time period you know because
you're you might be connecting with the
ton of people but you're still sitting
behind a camera to nobody
so just pointing devil's advocate it's a
different yeah it's a different type of
lonely I mean definitely can't say that
well instead of beating around the bush
I'll speak from personal experience so
growing up I had I didn't feel like I
connected with any of my friends in real
life though just the way it was I was
growing up on Long Island and I have
friends to this day that from Long
Island that I love well part of Long
Island's Glen Cove okay so it was just
like not a very artsy area but I
shouldn't say I didn't connect with my
friends cuz the friends I had were great
but for the most part I didn't feel like
I was connecting with like a majority of
the student body or this or that you
know like typical angsty teen shit
whatever you know it's common amongst
people like us who moved to the city so
but so throughout that time I was making
YouTube videos and I was shed a light
that there were other creators like me
as weird as me doing the same thing from
all parts of the world and my Friday
nights weren't going out and you know
hanging out with my high school friends
it was me on skype with these
motherfuckers you know people from
fucking California this one guy from
Canada all around the country out of the
country but he's great and we would have
like these big Skype calls and that was
my social life we would talk you know
for hours yeah and I love those and I
look forward to them so many of those
guys and tight with to this day and we
call each other often and
we hang out with each other often like
and most of them are like really
successful with like new savvy
businesses and like you know it's like
oh so that paid off it's a real
relationship because we're still talking
and we still get joy out of talk to each
other but it wasn't formulated through
the traditional means of forming a
friendship school
through the people that you grow up
around it was because of the window that
is the internet that didn't exist just a
generation before so the Internet in
that sense gave me my community that
like were like me yeah and you know
whether or not that maybe it would have
been better if I didn't have that and I
went out and like I was like forced to
like socialize with the people that were
like actually around me I don't know is
a good argument there but I think I mean
like that's you know those are your
friends you know so I don't think
technology is ruining the younger
generation in America like like people
like to say I think we need no I know
yeah I think we'd need to adapt you know
as like and I think those people don't
see the adaptation that was someone like
you saw yeah a being able to connect
with people you know
wow you know you're still connecting but
you just doing in a different way
right and referent is like scary yeah
well yeah you know it's different it's
unnatural it's like the Wild West right
now yeah like nobody knows what what the
fuck is going on yeah including the US
government like no you know ie the
Zuckerberg trial that's going on right
dude i sat here in this desk watching
him on trial for like three hours live
and I was like blown away I was like
there's no idea what's going on well
they didn't know what they were asking
oh no yeah they didn't understand what
my guess how Facebook operated luckily
he was texting he was like if I text my
wife about black panther like well other
people be able to see you know like he's
like no yeah he's like
what's at and I type the word black
panther his facebook note it was like
you it was like he like had a bucket of
words and he just kind of hey yeah yeah
hold whatever came out dude that was
ugly dude that was it was only on both
sides though because they didn't know
what they were talking about and he was
like so robotic like I think he I don't
that good the best of his ability but he
was just like so like he looked really
scared almost and like taken aback that
he was even there that this was he looks
like he's a lizard in humans yeah it
looks like I hope they don't notice I'm
a lizard right yeah yeah yeah no that
was uh it was just a whack situation
that was going on yeah but how scary is
it that the people the politicians that
are in charge of what happens what the
internet doesn't know how it works
yeah it's terrifying yep you know
meanwhile they're talking to you know
Zuckerberg about you know restricting
the doubt and whatever and they're doing
the same goddamn thing with the new the
new laws that they're putting in place
with the FCC and shit you know oh yeah
net neutrality it's like it's the same
thing it's like collecting everyone's
data and selling it off to companies
yeah they why are we getting on Facebook
for doing it when you're putting into
the you know into law that anyone can do
it it's it's I wonder how that's gonna
affect content creators net neutrality
it doesn't seem pretty no it doesn't
seem pretty um but it's tough man III
have this like a shining light of hope
that the content creator community will
always find a way to make it work
and maybe that means like bringing it
more into real life you know what I mean
like something weird and wild and maybe
something is formed that we can't even
like imagine right now but you know more
and more dude like we're seeing social
media and real life totally like overlap
and I really want to like personally
experiment with that with my own brain
and my own audience by like officially
hosting the
first meetup in New York for me and I
feel like that's gonna be just a wild
day dude
no it's really cool yeah but I feel like
that's gonna be like mentally nuts like
you're gonna see all these numbers kind
of roll up and you know like confirm
that they're actual human beings yeah
although like I try to remind myself of
that every day if it's easy to not
really looking at a number and on a page
yeah it's not as conceivable as you've
seen the masses yeah yeah like 50 people
in one room is a lot of people like you
know but 50 followers you're like get
out of here yeah it's like so it's
there's that like whole thing but yeah
man I don't know like I think if if the
government got all weird and and dumb
with the laws I think the content
creative community would find a way to
make it work you know we're all stuck
outside of content creators - like we're
at this the first time ever we're
obviously corporations have a lot of
power and that's bad in a lot of ways
but it's good in a lot of ways that
people like Elon Musk's can be like
we're just gonna create our own internet
now you know like like like and same
with Amazon - like these companies
there's a lot of bad that comes along
with these companies like walking the
fine line between being like successful
on a monopoly but at the same time now
we have these companies that can like
create infrastructure which is never
happened before it's always had to be
the government that creates
infrastructure well the government's I
mean some like like if you pull up
Amazon like you look at like Trump right
now with the way he's treating Amazon
trying to like shoot it down it's why
are you doing that Amazon's not going
advantage the post office he's saying
they're taking advantage of the post
there's more politicians spinning
straight gibberish I know I know it's
ridiculous I don't know about you but
like it's kind of become white noise to
me like and that sounds really bad to
say but I feel like to get through my
day I have to kind of just like oh do
you have it out here like and just push
it further away how unfortunate it would
be if it wasn't white noise you know if
I mean it was like that for a while for
me like for a while it was like I had
these speakers on full volume all day
every day and like it really stressed me
out and I finally like delete the news
app off my phone and like say like I
cannot let this control my life yeah for
a long time I was letting like current
events like really like seep into my
life and it was really toxic could you
feel better now feel way better now I
feel so much better now it gets to a
point of like you know I I start feeling
the weight of the world on my shoulders
what I'm consuming that all the time and
I'm like part of them only like this one
human so I'm like I want to select be
like like provide some sort of salvation
for the world but I get really upset I'd
like my limited amount like my capacity
of doing that and a lot of so that
conflict was like really weighing heavy
on me yeah so I guess like letting go of
like that constant intake of news was
also like letting go of some of that
responsibility right yeah yeah I I I
think in a way I was always like totally
turned off by staying that up-to-date
with everything which is not to say like
I don't want to be in the know and like
generally know what's going on for my
own safety in my own well-being and it's
good to know what's going on in the
world it is but it's just tough man like
III feel bad for I don't even want to
say young kids I just think anybody
would no matter what age you are and you
want to get into the news and you want
to get into current events see what's
going on and educate yourself so toxic
it's so like oh yeah let's click back to
what you're supposed to tell you to go
to right
okay BBC you know I agree babies are PVC
yeah not even NPR though because NPR and
I've noticed that more and more
ever since the 2016 election like the
left has gone far yes then the right has
gone far right yeah yeah and so NPR
which NPR is a pretty central and it's
more central than CNN I don't know I
think it's more I think I don't know I I
don't really listen to much NPR news I
just listen to the content you gotta go
on their website their you know their
headline their headlines aren't like
CNN's headlines I guess yeah I mean CNN
CNN is just like having a fucking field
day with Russia yeah that's all they
care about are like Russia Russia Russia
can't go you can't go to the website you
can't you can't even go on Facebook yeah
it's I don't know why it just came to my
head but I was thinking about so vice is
like essentially like trash now yes that
yeah which is so unfortunate man face
was it had a lot of yeah so did some
really good writers in there and
everything what made you like be like
nasus trash all right well so everything
but really so Dan Harmon creator of Rick
and Morty yeah
posted this screenshot on Instagram of I
guess vice was having a slow day maybe
their days are getting slower and slower
they dug up an interview interview that
they had with Dan Harmon back in 2015 so
I guess like they needed to push out an
article that day they would get a lot of
clicks and they couldn't get a new
interview with him or they didn't want
to for the motive of this particular
article so they dug up an old interview
and they said they titled it what was it
something like why Dan Harmon is into
incest in the in season three of Rick
and Morty like something like that and
it was like pretty much trying to paint
him as like oh fucking weirdo like yeah
yeah gross
trying to become the next national
headline basically yeah yeah trying to
like pervert Dan Harmon for making like
one joke about incest maybe once like in
Rick and Morty which is an producers
right yeah this guy's sexual and
philosophical orientation but so he
screenshotted that and he totally like
put them on blast but like in a very
like Dan Harmon way which is like listen
I get advice like those sprint phones
are gonna sell themselves because there
was a spring I have next to it yeah just
like like legit like that's how it is
man like these outlets especially
yeah I'm line click bait shit they're
just trying to get clicks man because we
got to get paid is that money and it's
so unfortunate if that's how you do it's
how a bad it's really bad when like that
mentality gets into the press yeah like
that that that's really that's like this
topia you know and like the money gets
that heavily it's getting me involved
and dictates what the press is saying
the thing is it's getting there and
everyone knows it and yet it's still
going there you know like everyone is
calling out the media being like stop
putting up clickbait stop saying the
same thing over and over again stop at
the rushes stuff until you have some
real hard story
you know like same thing with it's it
goes on the left and the right mm-hmm I
feel like everyone's saying that but the
but more people are not or they're
saying it about the other side yeah yeah
you know more people are just like
clicking you know like yeah they just
continue to click it seems like it's
like well it is like a human condition
thing it's like when you see something
that is different or like instills fear
like it just immediately opens up those
gates of curiosity or those those gates
of anxiety and you need to like get to
the bottom of it and that's what a lot
of the clicking is now it's like I need
to make sure everything is okay I need
to make sure like I feel safe I need to
make sure our country's not going under
and that that's a lot of power well it's
like people love to be told over and
over again that they're right and
everyone else is wrong
yeah how great is that
like if all your friends and family
called you every day no actually no
you're right like right right everything
you believe in is totally correct and
anything that you think is wrong is
actually you're totally right it's wrong
like they're wrong you're also and they
be told you're being fed that every day
that people live off that shit yeah it's
like injecting straight fuckin dopamine
it's your stereo it's it's you know and
that's how people people live now like
people literally live their lives now
thinking they are correct all the time
they curate their social media timeline
with only people that share their
philosophy yeah well they're curating it
and also face these smells rhythm is
generating it so on two levels that's
happening right that's interesting we
were talking before we start recording
we were talking about Jordan Peterson
that's like his big thing the big thing
he's afraid of it's like this strong
identity with ideology to the point
where everything you're saying is just
getting bounced back at you in like an
echo chamber yeah right he's like
identifying so strongly with an ideology
leads to very bad place well we're not
happening right now like he says Yeah
right exactly it's like like that
well you're really explaining of like
just constantly being met with yeah
that's right yeah you're correct there
is no point of conflict and therefore
progress can't take place right like at
the point of conflict is where progress
happens and as long as everybody's
agreeing with you those conversations
aren't given the space to unfold and
like no you know and in addition to that
like this whole political correctness
thing too is kind of acting in the same
way with like everybody knows like
there's a line of political correctness
that is amazing and like super
productive and like creates a more
sensitive society at the same time when
you're too politically correct you're
sore just like putting a band-aid over
some things right like when things
aren't being said for fear of being
punished or like castrated and then like
shunned then that means those people are
just going to embody those things
they would have said otherwise right you
know right yeah yeah I I you know the
saying diamonds are made under pressure
oh right yeah been like that yep
comes to mind because it's you're not
gonna learn shit if your opinions aren't
challenged and even something that I
deeply like believe in like the root of
my soul challenge that shit I welcome
you like totally you know I'm not
passionate about anything except
anything enough except maybe like the
love I have for like my mom and dad
maybe the Prophet like my family like
why would you even challenge that though
like I'm not certain about anything else
though you know what I mean lion yeah it
tell me this guy ain't blue dude I want
to hear that argument you know I do why
why do people attach these ideas so
strongly like like grip them choke them
to death you know like the ideas though
like everything outside of what he was
saying like so somebody guns you know oh
yeah I mean that's like a very like just
I'm just saying like gods like
interesting controversy so like that's
what I meant like people identify it's
so much a part of their identity that
any attack on it is a personal attack
you're not attacking the law you're
attacking them yes it's funny though
because I agree but I was just on
Twitter earlier today and I commented on
some story that was going around about
about gun control and I ended up getting
into this conversation with this guy who
was a he's a right-wing yeah I know I
don't know we ended up going back and
forth for like tweet after tweet after
tweet and he only had like 12 followers
so there's like but it was it was fun it
was an engaging conversation but me and
him about very different views yeah on
gun control and like you would think
that with our different views who would
have just bashed the whole time and in
the beginning we did bash but then as we
were able to just talk to each other and
hear each other out we were able to come
to like a mutual agreement on what
should be done about gun control that's
huge yeah huge I gotta sing green calf
that shit I know seriously like
we came to it really like we both
followed each other was a really good
conversation was really productive yeah
and he saw like the problems with too
many people having guns or he saw stuff
that he hadn't seen before
yeah it was just it was a productive
conversation and it doesn't happen
enough and it's because people are too
involved in their own little circle they
don't want epic that was this an older
guy like your your age all right I think
he he looked like he was probably like
late 20s early 30s I'd say okay yeah but
he was very like pro-gun I he I think he
said he was from like the Midwest or
something but one of the points he made
like it was about like the whole thing
was centered around gun shows and how
you can go to gun shows and buy guns
without a background check and he was
like well I went to a gun show and I had
to do like a 30 minute you know
background check and we had this
conversation I was like listen that's
not the case in all states some states
have different laws and everything he
didn't know these things
yeah so just in like giving information
him giving me information back it
created this new relationship and
there's a new like cohesive bond of like
okay we agree on this and now let's move
forward with this if everyone could do
that right so much shit would get done
no yeah yeah but like you were saying
before we we so much prefer comfort and
completely within the group that we
within our community you know yeah
that's really big dude the fact that
that happened it's like actually
borderline on her Huff on Twitter yeah
absolutely it doesn't know you should
fucking pat yourself on the back yeah
cuz that's good shit people got to do
more of that man I mean you know oh dude
I was think about today actually during
the during the election 2016 right just
like my timeline dude just like watching
all your friends like go after each
other's next dude like yeah heaviness
beasts it was crazy
um I was so like demotivated to even go
on that at during that election but yeah
I just remember like you guys remember
like everyone just unfriending each
other yeah and I'm like yeah that is
unless they
threatened you or like insulted your
grandma or like something real bad but
people were unfollowing each other or
defriending like totally unfriending
each other over opposing political views
yeah and that goes back to what I was
saying about curating the content like
you're just gonna keep on friending
people until all you see is your own
view in that echo chamber and that was
like when I first started like really
being like exposed to like how bad that
is for society
so I member making this this this status
as a joke back then I was like
everyone's gonna unfriend each other and
tell like no one has any friends on
Facebook and you're just friends with
yourself and then you're gonna even
unfriend yourself and then the world
explodes because that's what I've never
seen this girl it got real ugly man I've
never seen this girl talk to her uncle
like on public on blast in front of all
their Facebook for their entire Facebook
community um this girl was straight
talking to her uncle like he was a
stranger like and this uncle was I guess
he was a trump supporter I guess and the
uncle was like let's say her name was
Molly I don't know his uncle was like
Molly please like you know I love you
that's all that should matter I love you
and she was like fuck you did a bunch of
thumbs up from her friends mm-hmm shit
talking and disrespecting a family
member and then she blocked her own
uncle dude and that's how that ended it
was pretty its family bad and it does
shows how divided it is right now that
people are willing to cut family ties
yeah and the funny thing with this
thanksgiving do you really like it's
funny to observe though that everybody
went up to 2016 not having these issues
with each other you know and like once
these conversations start happening it
was like you're a different person yeah
are you any different than you were last
week you know how how are you any
different than you were before 2016 yeah
you know you still and that to me is
kind of interesting because it's
were so quick to dehumanize the other
party but at the same time like we were
living quite compatibly up until that
point in time like there wasn't much
there's obviously always like you know
don't bring up politics and over the
holidays but it wasn't it wasn't posting
a status like if you voted for Trump
please unfriend me which I saw a ton of
do you guys this is like a poll
happening here right right now real-time
do you guys feel a slight noticeable a
slight but noticeable pressure to keep
more quiet than loud on the day-to-day
basis comes with your opinions yes yeah
and I think you want to get over I can
go no go ahead go ahead I think because
I'm a person and all three of us are and
we know a lot of people who put
ourselves out there as a figure who a
creator a musician an animator an actor
it's a scary thing to think about
somebody may be like disregarding you
for a political belief that you hold or
something that you say and that sounds
shitty to say and I wish that wasn't the
case but that's like the reality of it
right like if you release a video you
have tons of followers you have tons of
viewers and it was so far right how
would that go over you know like that's
the beauty of your content like we were
talking about earlier is that it's so
neutral like you you've hit that it's
it's it's great and it's so relaxing and
and amusing and like consumable but I
can't imagine as soon as you strike that
wrong chord right like what what would
what would happen right what would
happen to your your bass you know like
look what's what's happening with Kanye
yeah yeah just we were just watching the
TMZ video like right before you got here
yeah did you see that
no oh
he's he's saying crazy things like
people chose to be slaves for 400 years
and like he was going off I mean dude
he's but he was shouting he was addicted
to opioids and stuff I was saying to you
and we were watching it like he looked
like someone that knew he was losing a
ton of followers when he was like
reaching out to that whole lot like he
looked at things in his eyes because you
realize like oh shit dude I feel really
odd for him to be honest I feel like
that is just like the pressure of Fame
and it's actually quite ironic that this
was having on TMZ cos shit like TMZ just
like wrangling and like sucking the keep
like that go a lot of them yeah oh yeah
yeah no that's not to be fucked with is
like your personal space at the very
least and TMZ doesn't even give you that
right they're all up in your face with
like these like freelance ass weirdos
with a camera yeah yeah so well Kanye
West seems to be voicing his opinion
which is fine and should happen more
what's interesting though is people are
like really like lashing out on him and
like and I'm politically neutral I don't
really care for anyone right now
but it's it seems like and I think he
might have touched upon this or maybe
like chance did no I'm in support of
Kanye don't quote me on this but I think
someone said you know how are we gonna
fight hate with hate yeah guys like you
know I'm trying to form this
relationship with the president the
United States here and kind of just show
some love and yeah yeah just not
standing for yeah I think his idea is a
good idea his idea too you know like you
said no you can't fight hate with hate
we can't just keep hitting each other
keep bashing keep bashing we need to
have conversations I don't like the
Twitter conversation we need to have
conversations with each other
Kanye needs to have a conversation with
Trump right but it's the way that he did
it like it's the way that you know you
can't post a picture of yourself and I
America great again hat yeah and then
tweet that you're supporting Donald
Trump when you well know and that you
both have dragon energy yeah like he was
going crazy with it but then it's also
like he then admitted that he has no
idea what he's talking about in terms of
politics like he admitted he's like I
don't have any sides because I don't
know anything that's going on and it's
you yes you should be allowed to voice
your opinion but you have to have some
responsibility as a person of influence
to check yourself and check what you're
talking about
yeah before you get on the air or get on
the Twitter and be like oh this is do
you know this is the right way you don't
know we talked about you know she has
like a very general idea of what he
wants to say yeah like turned the lens
and like focus on how he wants to like
so universal and so awesome but he just
didn't go about it in the right way and
I think he's facing the backlash that
now but I think what he's doing is
productive yeah yeah I mean for sure I I
will also say like you you left the room
but I continue to watching the TMZ
interview and once he settles down like
he's not as incoherent as those little
like snippets that you're getting right
like those five-second snippets that
people are sharing on Facebook
okay I'm saying that you know people
chose to be slaves that's all I saw all
day which is why I want to watch it was
that clip being shared over and over
again right and it's taken at it he says
it but it's a little bit out of context
how it's taken another you know yeah he
takes a while to get to his points
almost like he wheezed he's like really
elaborate you know he's right and that's
what I'm saying he has like these nice
thoughts he just doesn't know how to
articulate yeah and I think that's
what's getting him into trouble yeah
there's a video just what you remind me
about Kanye taking off taking a while he
really yeah he drags shit out there's
this video like a few months ago that
was going viral of him at one of his
concerts and it was like something like
sixty to seventy five seconds of
straight applause well just
and then as like once it finally started
to die debt died down he went into the
song and there's just another eruption
like of applause but like that was so
crazy to watch and he was just like
standing there like and then every time
like he raised his microphone and their
applause would like go back up and he
would put it back down it would be like
crazy it was like just like totally
exercising like your influence like what
you're saying um but that was like a
funny way of doing it no it's like a
little crazy yeah man I I don't know
like but I think that answers your
question to go back like about like what
would happen if you like chose like a
crazy radical side with the amount of
and I got like a fucking fraction of a
fraction of what Kanye has yeah shit
right exactly so that's like he's
actually like the example of like what
would happen if a celebrity of his tier
did something like exactly what he did
and he actually did it and now we're
seeing what happens it's crazy man it's
it's crazy like man I I don't know if
like people like chancer like trying to
back up you know they're homies but like
I would hope that other people don't
quiet down yeah I would hope that's not
the case I mean you know people's
managing teams and management teams
would you know definitely advocate that
they do for like you know the sake of
their brand but uh I hope I hope people
don't get more quiet you know I know
chance came out and he tweeted a thing
that was like well I don't agree with
what he's saying about Trump I do agree
about all these other things that he's
trying to say like not all black people
need to be yeah it's what I saw it's not
is really important to say yeah because
it's like I know this just from talking
to friends of mine like if you're a
black person as you are everybody I'll
just say that though yeah it's like an
auto it's one of those things it's like
you I imagine like in the in a black
community like you can't say that in the
same way like in our bubbles that we
live in here in New York if I was like
yeah I really support Trump you
well a lot of my friends would come at
me saying that but saying that you don't
you not you don't need to be a Democrat
right like saying that like some like a
black person doesn't need to be a
Democrat doesn't necessarily mean that
you need to be a Republican Yeah right
no like I don't just because you're not
that's and that's another huge problem
that's happening right now is because oh
you're not this so you must be this yeah
you know and just because you're not a
Democrat doesn't mean that you need to
go over here maybe there's something
like over in this little area that you
can find yourself in it's like just
because Obama was a Democrat now that's
like that's what you have to write and
like and the left has become this one
you know even though it's this big
bubble it's like this stake at the far
end of the bubble and the right even
though it's this big bubble of what the
right is there's a stake at the far end
of the right and those things are what
the the party is viewed as and it's not
right yeah there's so much in the middle
that should be explosion is no longer
allowed yeah no no yeah I mean which is
awful like that like you're saying
there's so much in the middle most of it
is in the middle mm-hmm 95 to 99 percent
of it is probably in the middle and
should be in the middle I just I think
people find too much comfort in like
total assurance yeah people are fucking
lazy dude like people want to label it
as like it you know if I want to like a
label this like like would feel much
better if it was just labeled as remote
instead of individually labeling all the
technology and wire and chipping and
like soldering gun glue that went into
it well right that's another but like
that's fucking what it is dude yeah
people just feel so much better about
you know total blanket statements bro
and simplicity that is not good for the
most part yeah not good it really
actually like fucks up you you like your
own well-being man I mean if you're
gonna walk around blind because you
you're like putting this like blanket a
statement about around a very complex
philosophy that deserves to be like you
should touch upon all the little details
that come underneath it I'm out of
respect for yourself and other people
that you know
may want to either also support your
your opinion or challenge it like I
don't know I'm totally like saying some
gibberish right now but it's it's we're
live in a fuck world guys is what I'm
saying yeah they've been a total fucked
situation right now yeah but there's so
much good in the world as well which was
another one of my videos that I wanted
to remind people is how much good there
is in the world yeah how do you how do
you do you have any advice for content
creators that are trying not to choose
sides and like how do you figure out
your way to to make that image that we
talked about at the beginning of the
podcast like how do you how do you
navigate that so that you're not on this
side and not on the side you're just
kind of making content yeah I don't know
if you can not like articulate that but
yeah man I think it just all goes back
to like me finding like what's the
universal message here yeah you know
it's like no matter what side of
politics you're on everyone for the most
part loves puppies so I'm gonna make a
video about puppies yeah yeah exactly
or like loves like hot chocolate or
fucking I don't know the smell of a
flower I don't know like stuff like that
like you know there's there's so much
shit like it's it's weird right like my
stuff is overly simplified drawing and
the message inside it are also
oversimplified what's odd is that in the
current state of the world that we find
ourselves in is people are hungry for
that simple shit yeah the simple stuff
is like the RET it becomes rare yeah
everyone agrees on it yeah in a world
where everyone's finding reasons every
reason possible to disagree everyone can
agree that puppies are adorable you know
like and there's there's something to
that and I think that starts the maybe
maybe that would be the first domino
topple to make you know remind you that
we're all in this together like we're
all humans we all cry when so
we love dies you know yeah I think your
work is like an excellent example of
what happens when you tap into that you
know like a very very nice side of
humanity and reassuring reassuring side
of humanity for danger man
no I appreciate that but yeah so you
mentioned your siblings and your family
before and I'm curious how they support
what you're doing and what they I guess
like what they mean to you in this
entire process the creative process cuz
yeah as I just said I live right next to
my little brother we're both creative
people and we both support each other
with that it's really some important
relationship to me in my own creativity
like I'm constantly sending him my
poetry he's constantly sending me his
music and it's a it's a very very poetry
newsletter like you text people in
poetry right ITEX I think so I think you
you know that because like sex Micky my
poetry yeah yeah yeah I do know that
yeah happy for that reason yeah it's
it's actually really funny that Mickey
has kind of been like this wall between
you and I like I feel like yeah you're
not a wall but like a glass door spoken
like a true poet yes yeah we've never
acted like this is the first time that
you and I have sort of like connected
without I guess Mickey around I think so
this thing I think the first time I met
you I immediately casted you as a
homeless person for my shorts that's
true yeah I was in one of your short
films yeah it's so funny and like last
minute of yeah yeah all right I remember
and I'm not an actor and you're just
like yeah I just like seeing the ground
look homeless no it's like I remember
that was senior year yeah always always
typecast as either homeless and took
today my boss walked out of the office
shoes like does anybody tell you that
you just look like a more like hip Jesus
and I was like yeah all the time yeah
it's definitely a the compliment version
of homeless yes Jesus is sexy I don't
care Jesus also looks how dude he's oh
gee sexy yeah he's got that Jesus um
he's a biblical babe yeah it's evidently
you ever fuck with alliteration I'm
totally not answering your questions
yeah anyway anyway
but wait so we were going we were
talking about poetry newsletter then
we're talking about me yeah so my family
yeah yeah yeah back to that
mm-hmm sit so pretty much um a family
always supportive man which is a
blessing it goes back like a specific it
might have been the like they always
supported me like my dad like heard
about this thing called an iMac and in
2006 he bought me one and it was like
that was the game changer like me
learning iMovie since I was like 10 11
years old like that was a and I'm like
fortune to like be in that situation
like you know I totally recognized like
how much extra it is of a hustle for
people that don't have that don't have
you know that family member that buys
them that but that's also not to say
that I I'm spoiled like I'm currently
like hustling every month to pay my own
rent and put food in my stomach
although my parents are well capable of
you know paying my shit like I they know
that that wasn't gonna happen like there
was the agreement that if I were gonna
move out I have to pay so it's like they
instill a lot of that you know in like
the character and but a specific it
probably was the first time where I
realized that wow my parents like really
recognize and support what I'm doing was
I was like maybe in 10th grade in high
school and I was like really trying to
make a like really trying to rush out a
YouTube video in time for Christmas
because that was what was important to
me and but we had to go Christmas tree
shopping which is a family thing so like
I go and you know I think it just
started taking longer than I scheduled
in my busy 10th grade 15 year old thing
but I start getting like really stressed
I'm like I'm not gonna finish this in
time and you know this video needs to be
out tonight and done I'm not done
editing and my mom drove me home
she left the other guys there they said
I'll drop you home and I was like well
shit like you know I think that's when
they more or less started recognizing
like that this was like it this is like
a real thing and that's almost like now
it's like truly becoming a real thing
like um but back then like I was getting
like a check like every month for like
200 bucks from YouTube revenue and that
was really cool um and that kind of like
legitimize like lid like the legitimacy
of making YouTube videos I guess was I
don't know maybe maybe like validated
because there's like monetary gain um
which I guess for most people is like
confirms that it's like worth your time
and energy after um but that was the
first time ever that only my mom drove
me home from Christmas tree shopping and
that was like you know clear indication
that they support what I'm doing so yeah
nothing but support um and I also get
like a lot like my humor is totally
derived from the humor I have with them
awesome and yeah dude it's like a true
luxury when you you know fuck with your
family yes yeah yeah what are your
parents do so they're both business
people you know my dad is CEO of his own
company and my mom works with him and
they're like Walt not Wall Street but
Wall Street tight like you know they
give you is like you know suits and in
business and all that but uh you know I
think there's like a I never used this
word but I think I'm about to and I'm
hoping I'm gonna use it correctly
misnomer there's like a Mis
misconception is that the same thing now
I don't know I don't know I'd have to
look at is that a word misnomer it is a
word it is it is a word I don't use it
so I'm not gonna use it it's a
misconception that you know people like
like parents that
like business-oriented won't support the
art like the Mart's that are naturally
found in their their children yeah but
that's not the case with mine I guess
with my scenario which is good
we're they were either of them like ever
creatives do they have do they dance did
they do yeah yeah yeah I guess that
helps right yeah yeah like especially am
I like I guess my dad you know he like
drew a little bit as a kid and played
guitar and all that they probably like
see the joy that you have in in like
damn yeah Joey that I had as a kid
totally now if I was what I am now 22
and not making a penny yeah it's a
different story like you know you gotta
recognize what it is like it's like
either like get a job and do this as a
side hustle or you know do something
else like I get it yeah awesome and
you're able to support yourself with it
yeah there's really something like so
like rewarding and beautiful about
parents that don't instill under yeah
like I'm not like like yes helicopter
parents that are always hovering around
but like for instance like my dad is an
architect and he played football in
college like he was a college football
not once growing out was my dad like you
have to play football like I want you to
play yeah my whole idea six coach and
yeah I didn't do gymnastics until I was
in tenth grade yeah you know like I he
could have very easy been like you're
gonna be a gym rat right you're gonna be
in the gym with me and he coached while
I was a kid that could have been in the
I was in the gym with him but he never
pressured me to go on the floor and
that's what made me want to do it yeah I
feel like if he did pressure me it would
have been like yeah it's like it's like
a lot of parents like I see it in my
friends ID not in my own experience but
I see it in my friends and other people
it's like when they have a kid they're
like yes I want to make the clone
version of myself
well yeah I'm going to make you me but a
better version and you're gonna do
everything like me but just a bit better
right you know good intentions you know
no it's totally good intentions but at
the same time imagine like being the kid
who just has like that natural talent
for a guitar
or something like that and dad's yeah
and that's like you got a got to pick up
the baseball yeah well yes even like I I
think playing along with that it's like
even worse when all those a healthy
version of it than unhealthy version of
it where the parents don't want their
kids to well one my senior I think like
what I'm saying is like when a when a
parent went through something maybe like
a shortcoming like they didn't like go
to school because of a football
scholarship let's say and they want to
live vicariously through their kid and
like make sure not only they get into
football but get into college on that
football scholarship to like make up for
their own shortcomings that's an
unhealthy version of it I think the
healthy version of it is like yo I grew
up broke I don't want you to grow up bro
yeah no definitely no definitely there's
there's a line right there's a line that
can be crossed like you know my mom her
her dad was like a raging alcoholic so
she was like I'm not gonna drink alcohol
while I race you and that's like you
know like that's a commendable qualities
embody as a parent yeah but you know
like you were saying like when you start
casting your dreams like you see it on
these Dance Moms like on that show it's
like all of these Dance Moms are literal
dancers it's like that is that kind of
parenting at its worst like theater
mostly yeah yeah yeah but like if you
like what you said like with the
hard-working like I was broke so you're
not gonna be broke yeah that's go if
you've listened to Gary Vee talk about
the way his parents oh yeah raised him
yeah it's very much like that because he
talks about how the reason he's so
successful is because he grew up in an
immigrant household and he firmly
believes it yeah he firmly believes that
the immigrant mentalities that's why
basically immigrants perform better they
have higher salaries first-generation
immigrants because they're still to
worth it yeah and then but on second
generation because they see it in their
parents and they're like damn I don't
want to have to like trudge through the
shit like my parents did so I'm gonna
make a really nice life for myself and
that's what Gary Vee did yes I think
everyone needs that immigrant
in County a little bit everybody needs
to pressure crazy yeah gary is that he
he fuckin lived in the same house as his
dad growing up and never saw him because
that's how much his dad worked yeah dad
would come home every night I like 2:00
in the morning and then leave like five
or six or whatever five or six the next
Gary would grow up living in the same
house as dad and didn't see him for like
11 years yeah thing
not once because the dad would never
even come to like birthday get like
birthday games a birthday or like
softball or football games or baseball
games whatever um and Gary also touched
upon about like how he didn't really
mind that cuz he knew his dad was busy
working to provide yeah really
interesting guy stuff that he showed me
but I haven't like read the books or
encounter even really gotten really much
into his longer videos his crushing a
book is really I don't know if you've
read any of his books but his I saw I
met Gary oh did you yeah yeah that's
moto after this that's great yeah a few
weeks like two to three weeks ago was
he's like explosive in person as he is
yes fucking it's crazy dude like I'm
meeting all these people that like are
my role models and you know I only get
to experience them through watching
their videos yeah and then you meet them
in real life and they're exactly which
is great dude they're exactly like they
are on their videos that's why they're
so successful which is awesome
yeah Gary I got like I was in the office
and he happened to be there and I got to
grab like two minutes and grab a picture
and compliment him did you ask him
anything I didn't ask him anything no I
made an animation for him back in
October and I think it finally caught up
to him oh that's really cool so d-roc
the guy who I went to meet said this is
the guy that made that dragon animation
and it was like a dragon telling you to
hustle and yes although and out he was
like oh shit like he was just like
totally just totally Gary like it was
really cool and like really humbling and
but he's such a humbling guy he is
I was just like you know thank you for
everything man your team is like really
nice and like everything's like like
very inspiring here because the office
is like the wolf of Wall Street for
Millennials is like how I put it it was
just like everybody everything happening
all at once and he's just like
thank you brother I appreciate that
brother and I was just like yeah like
yeah I mean like what was they expect
yeah like you can say to someone brush
it off like he was just like thank you
brother and I was like fuck dude it's
really inspiring man you know it's
really really inspiring his whole story
is really inspiring just the way he
works oh it's almost like a healthy the
way he works well so I was I went to the
office just for like a tour but it kind
of evolved into something a little more
than that mmm I wasn't even supposed to
meet him but so I I go there he wasn't
supposed to be there and I roll up and I
see so first of all his office is no
bigger it's actually one of the smaller
rooms in vaynermedia um which is I've
seen it when he does his interviews he's
always in his office and it's a pretty
tiny or yeah it's like not like anything
grandiose and dude I'm like so I'm just
like I sketch me the corner of my eye
and I'm like totally not trying to like
fangirl and he's on the fees on just a
conference phone like you just see him
like he's yelling into it like totally
alone no one else is with him and he
said he's just going attitude and that's
20 hours a day
like every day he's a machine like I
can't like after this I'm gonna take a
nap or let go to sleep cuz like you know
that's my energy threshold but people
that can work man and just keep working
and like not let I don't know like bad
thoughts or just like downward emotions
get in the way of your work flow is like
varying I'm overusing the word inspiring
but like watching people like that is
what keeps me going
yeah that's what I recognize about
myself for sure you know for sure it's
tough especially like being an artist
like your emotions are what fuel your
work mm-hmm
that includes the good emotions and it
also includes all the bad and sometimes
the bad um slows you down
I just how it is man right and that's
why it helps like have other people like
like a manager like mm-hm you know
whoever like a friend like I'll keep you
keep you keep you going to keep you
chugging but it's that's the interesting
thing about being an artist hustler
right like would you agree with that oh
yeah 100 percent and 100 percent I mean
we talk all the time of like I was
telling you like before we start the
podcast it's like right now my days are
like all 12 to 15 hours and that catches
up to you and especially when you know
there's some days where it's 12 hours of
like this is my day that I'm just you
know I have to do to make money
mm-hm and then the next day I wanted to
dedicate to recording I have I've got a
bunch of things on the table but I want
to do with music and it's like but now
I'm really tired and now I'm tired so
now that's making me sad you know and
it's like it's it's it's difficult to
find that that balance between work and
creativity and how those things
intermesh and also like affect one
another yeah I don't think I've quite
figured that out yet of how to you know
dedicate the right amount of time to
everything yeah I think that is my
struggle at the moment it's different
for everyone there's no there's no
there's no Yahoo Answers for that yeah
especially cuz I mean for me personally
I don't it might differ for you guys but
like I I haven't really gotten my
creative process down either it's still
in that like kind of like spontaneous
thing yeah so it's like if it's my one
off day and it's also doesn't happen to
coincide with my day of spontaneity
happen ya know for sure yeah yeah it's
it's different for everybody man yeah
it's totally I think once you like
notice like hey like oh this little
thing worked here like like me drinking
coffee at 10:00 a.m. as opposed to 9:00
a.m. I don't know for some reason I like
that better so I'm gonna do that now
it's like taking note of that
yeah kind of like writing like a yeah
rituals and habits are super important
habits are really important we've been
talking about that a lot lately like
I've been getting up in the morning and
I know you do it - we do a morning
journal I do a meditation in the morning
and just getting yourself into that like
routine a habitual routine yeah really
sets you in your mood for the day yeah
I'm trying to get on my sleep
like routine as well which is really
difficult like I wanted my seven hours
and you know for max productivity but
that's that's hard too so you you
meditate in the morning mid-morning yeah
I wake up and it depends usually what
I'll do is I'll do my morning pages I've
actually been slacking on it the past
couple days but I do my so I do like ten
minutes of journaling just off the cusp
okay journaling and then after that I'll
sit for ten minutes I have a headspace
app which I don't know if you use that
at all but it's familiar it's awesome
but I put a you know a certain
meditation on for the morning do my 10
minutes come upstairs have my coffee and
my day is good but it really helps like
kind of clear your mind and get you
ready for the day and it doesn't have to
be like a meditation you could do a
morning workout yeah and you get the
same type of effect out of it you know
it's whatever works for you that kind of
clears your head and kind of get you set
the other day I think it's so important
man like that quick hit of ritual I'm
just intrigued by the morning meditation
idea because I would think you would
fall back asleep yeah a lot of people
think that yeah but you don't know you
don't because well one thing one other
thing that's great about the headspace
app is like I think that would probably
happen more often if you were trying to
meditate one you didn't know how to
meditate and you're trying to just kind
of sit there in silence you know that
people a lot of people think that
meditation is just listening to
breathing and sitting in silence and I
think that conceptualization of it would
in think people would fall asleep but
with headspace wait the way he talks to
you and he's kind of talking to you
throughout it he'll kind of pop back in
and then pop out and he'll pop back in
and pop out so it keeps you kind of like
oh I got to go on to the next thing
oh I got to go on to the next thing oh
the meditation is over now you know so
that I think helps but it it definitely
like gets me it's like a breath of fresh
air in the morning nice yeah I think it
yeah you've been good at that too yeah
I'm saying on that I've been slacking of
the past like few days but for the most
part I and even if I don't do in the
morning I'll do it at night as long as I
get one in a day for you know but it's
generally 90% of the time in the morning
yeah whatever works for you you know
but how important what I was gonna ask
you if you have a morning yeah I do kind
of I have like daily rituals and I I was
I do the same thing with the journal
that's something that we like sort of
started doing together that's like to
keep ourselves writing and stuff so I'll
wake up and I keep somewhere around here
somewhere on my desk I have a notebook
that I'll just write in basically
stream-of-consciousness sometimes it'll
be the dreams from last night sometimes
it's just like something that's popped
into my head recently I haven't been
doing the meditations but I've been
listening to a different Alan Watts
lecture every morning I don't know if
you guys are familiar I played Alan
Watts for you do you know Alan Watts I
I'm not as familiar as I should be yeah
he's a he's a philosopher a modern
philosopher he's the guy who sort of not
sort of he did Western eyes like Zen
Buddhism and all of that so it's it's
not quite religious it's more like
spiritual and sort of like it like just
the way that he speaks gives you a nice
fresh perspective on things
he's got a really nice voice too and he
has a very nice it's a very robust and
like silky voice but so that's been my
thing recently and I'll just put on like
a seventh because there there's like
endless lectures with him on line so you
just go on YouTube and so I'll do my
writing I'll sit here with a coffee and
sometimes I'll close my eyes like as if
I'm meditating as if that's my
meditation like listening to his
lectures guiding me through that
yeah and that kind of gets me and it's
always a different topic right so that
like sets off my day and then I leave
here thinking about that yeah there's no
Alan Watts podcast because he passed
away in the 70s so it's really just like
old recordings but I can send you some
stuff he also has guided meditations
because he was like that guy
oh he does he has a handful of them and
they're they're quite good that's great
um listen no ya Joe Rogan loves a lout
once doesn't yeah I didn't realize I've
never I've never heard him talk what
yeah he like brought him off the other
day and it's hot I guess I was like good
shit nice yeah yeah but I love things
that sort of combat my perspective or
even just like bring you out of your own
universe for a little bit yeah on
universe of thoughts yeah you know that
like this yeah like I don't know like
you know all too often you get caught up
in your own head and your own thoughts
and then something will happen that'll
totally remove you from it even for like
a second and you realize that after you
know maybe you do maybe don't but like
if you do realize you're like oh that
was refreshing
yeah totally kind of like low state yeah
it's like have you heard of like what
flow station is like when you get into
the region something and you're so
skilled at it that your mind just kind
of starts going on yeah autopilot yeah
yeah so I feel that way when I'm
producing music because just all the
different components whether I'm playing
it or just producing like doing this
stuff on the MIDI keyboard and going
through and mastering it's it almost
funny because you almost feel like a
machine but during that time my brain is
working in a way that it won't I'm not
ever as engaged in something as when I'm
doing that it's like yeah you know I get
that when I'm doing like when I'm doing
martial arts um what I'm doing jujitsu
it's very much I know we've talked about
this on on here before but with jujitsu
the way that it works I don't know if
you're familiar are you familiar with
Brazilian jiu-jitsu or you actually like
the amount of Joe Rogan I listen to I
would be like I'm not it's it's a ground
I just tried and mate this may not be
related at all but I tried Muay Thai Oh
class yeah my god
if that shit was cheaper I would still
be doing it oh that's awesome one time
thing dude that's awesome loved it yeah
it's it's more Thai as I it's as much
eyes of striking martial arts and which
has a
the art of eight limbs so that means you
have fists you have elbows and knees and
you can hit with feet or shins what they
hit with yeah but jiu-jitsu is a ground
submission game so it's all about
getting arm bars getting chokes getting
wrist locks leg locks all that shoulder
locks that type of stuff
but when you're on the ground and when
you're doing it you're very much in that
flow State because you mean you're your
life quote/unquote your life is on the
line so when you're in something where
your life is on the line like that
you're kind of forced to be put into
this state of like I've got to be
totally in the zone yeah at all times I
can't be thinking about anything else
and it's a really cool state to be in
yeah it's really have you guys have you
guys ever listened it's a very very
popular TED talk
are you into TED talks you listen yeah
yeah I don't listen to them as nothing
enough um just because some are really
like good and some are elitist some are
like yes I'm just not in - yeah they're
bad I'm just I'm like or not yeah I do
have issues with TED Talks cuz like if
you look into it it's like it tries to
be like so like yeah and then like if
you look up like a vincennes it's like
$3,000 for a ticket is it yeah yeah
becomes like it's like it's really
elitist community but that doesn't mean
that the thinkers that go on there and
the speakers that present their ideas
are any less I mean so expensive yeah
yeah but this guy he created an app you
might have heard this one where it texts
you you you download it and throughout
the day it will text people and ask them
how they're feeling during that moment
they received the text and one of the
questions that it asks them is and I
think it texts them like 50 times a day
so it's like a lot of data that he's
collecting from thousands of people and
one of the questions is are you thinking
about anything else than this exact
moment and I think something like 90% of
the time people reply yes like I'm not
thinking I'm I'm totally out of this
moment the only time where there was a
significant shift is when people
received that text while they were
engaged in sexual activity and even then
there was still like eight percent of
people that reported that they were
still not completely consumed by the
which is a really interesting and also
just from like a like anthropological
and like the point of view it's like I
find it so fascinating that humans are
most engaged in the moment one they're
having sex yeah I mean that's that's
totally eating sex and sleeping I figure
probably the three that like okay I'm
gonna eat my food
you know I'm shoveling this for you my
into my mouth I'm fucking focused on
that yeah or I'm passed out so I'm not
really thinking about that but my body
does think about that you know it's like
those three main yeah how they've always
been I thought you're gonna say like
when they said they were most present
when something like really bad had like
a car crash or something oh you know
that'd be interesting I don't think I
got into that I'm sure they would not
respond to that text I like that whole
like that whole thing like I was
listening to some I recently like when
you get into a car crash or something
like like that like life-threatening you
get like I forget which chemical it is
in your brain but it like pumps you with
like a crazy amount of it that pretty
much makes your attention to detail go
like a hundredfold and because of that
you perceive time like a lot slower and
I say like things were moving in slow
motion because yeah your body recognizes
a threat it pumps you with with a crazy
amount of this chemical and you start
you know perceiving time waste slower
than actually is an attempt to continue
being alive so and like avoid the
situation and well what I'm getting at
is I think people afterwards felt so in
the moment that it was overwhelming and
they're actually like drained of energy
yeah people that just experience like a
car crash mm-hmm you know afterwards
like assuming they're fine like you know
like no physical harm is done like
they just narrowly avoided it but you're
out like physically exhausted yeah
mentally exhausted because we were just
pumped with all this shit and they're
like recharge right and that's why like
people that have or like we robbed or
they were in like a very scary situation
where like someone was trying to hurt
them or whatever you they go to a sketch
artist and the sketch artist can
actually sketch out what they saw and
you think like like me thinking about
that I'm like if someone did something
me I wouldn't be able to know like what
they looked like yeah but what you would
a traumatic wonder it's adrenaline
that's kidding if I mean it's definitely
a combination yeah that's
fight-or-flight chemical whatever I
don't know that adrenaline is the only
chemical that is I mean I'm sure there's
a ton of shit that makes sense that you
would be like exhausted and it's
interesting that you would be exhausted
by being caught up in the moment but it
makes sense like your body goes tense
because tense but you're there are a lot
of sensations that we're feeling at all
times right like right now we are blood
is flowing like the air is touching our
skin like all this shit is happening but
we are dissensus desensitized to it
right so in those moments your body
whatever chemicals released suddenly
your entire body these these senses turn
on these things open up and now you're
feeling things that you don't normally
feel and it's like your body's just
totally overwhelmed burning a tremendous
amount of energy when people get into
car accidents their whole body the
reason a lot of people died in car
accidents is mean I guess it's like
heart attack right being in the moment
leads to a heart attack now my dear I
mean yeah that might be it because
you're meditating it's a good thing yeah
yeah no but they it's because they get
so tense and when you get tense you
don't move around and when you're in a
car and you don't move around your head
hit something it's gonna snap your neck
that's why people that yeah that's why
people that are drunk a lot of the times
aren't the ones that die in the car
because their body is super loose so
when they get into a car accident their
body doesn't respond in that tense
it must not release some sort of
chemical or something because they're
totally loose and and you know when the
car rolls over whatever happens they're
not hitting it in the same way that a
person ctmc is gonna grab that
yeah I forget exactly I think that drunk
driving is healthy you're gonna drive
let's do it your own yeah live longer
yeah if you drive if you drive drunk
you'll always come out spine right in
the ass like 20 years yeah well I I mean
I don't want to end it on a note of
drunk driving but yeah just don't don't
tense up right I don't stay loose
Anglo's Brown
all right cool thanks for coming by man
do you want to just say into the
microphone where people can find your
sound yeah yeah pretty much all across
the internet as my name Danny Casal more
specifically cool man coffee den you'll
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