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Unabashed Podcast

Join two barely known career sluts Zack Signore and Gabby Bryan for an unabashed look at the world through their eyes. Recorded at a day-spa, these two are admittedly "not like other girls". Listen to them absolutely GUSH about everything from BOYS to red wine SANGRIA. Is this a podcast? Or simply just a sleep over? The answer is buried in an underground castle beneath a runway somewhere in Milan.


EP# 001 - Welcome To Hell

The time has come you little losers! Dive head first into the shallow end of our hearts. Get to know your hosts Zack and Gabby as they dish about who they are, what they stand for, and what they are looking for in a husband (the answer is money and a LOT of it) We are going to raise you up and smack you down with an absolute boatload of laughs. ENJOY.

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