Sound Pollination

Podcast House and Recording Studio In New York City

Brooklyn, NY United States

(845) - 325 - 6616

About Sound Pollination

Sound Pollination was originally created in 2015 as a platform for artists to develop their music, image and spread their sound.  As the company and its founders evolved, the foundation of the original idea shifted from a sole focus on music and expanded into the entire industry of audio production.  Sound Pollination continues to spread the sound of individuals, but these sounds include  voices, ideas and music.  It is currently the home to five podcast programs with topics ranging from social commentary, science, movies and spirituality.  We pride ourselves as a unique and leading podcast house and recording studio in New York City. Sound Pollination is a platform, a home, for creative minds to come together and make some noise in the world. 

We appreciate any support we receive and are eternally grateful for each and every person aiding us in our audio and creative ambitions.

Thank you.